When melancholy overtakes:

From My Diary:

Lost in the past thoughts and engulfed with the current agonies, harnessed to the arduous tasks and confronted with onerous jobs, one at times feels like attacked by tortuous fits of a torment so pinching and piercing. It’s me at the moment. I quite feel like realising as to what might have been the chain of thoughts for Keats when he wrote ‘Ode to melancholy’ with a cry on his pangs of seclusion like this:

“To sorrow

I bade good morrow

But cheerly cheerly

She loves me dearly”

Mental cycle of a person runs through a whirlwind of stormy thinkings, and which one of them strikes most is always uncertain but one has but to undergo that. After all, this is what is called life.


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10 thoughts on “When melancholy overtakes:

  1. Very nice analysis of human psychology


  2. From the depths of depression to the heights of mania and striving to keep the cycles as near as the baseline.

    Lucidly explained, sir.


    1. Your pointer is duly noted by me. Thanks for your comment.


  3. Excellent piece of writing.


  4. Full of an appeal and inspiration


  5. Full of appeal and inspiration


  6. Sir joy and woes are essential part of life. It is the darkness which inspires us to invent the source of light. An excellent article inspiring to overcome all the impediments of life and encouraging to face and win the challenges.


  7. Depth of depreciation


  8. yes agreed really joy and woes are two wheel of human life,this blog explicitly describes the truth of life.


  9. Who understands life better than you among us.


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