Acrobatics on calling names:

Down deep into mud slinging on each other, different political parties are now keeping their sleeves up on an indirect form of aggressiveness with a sort of hidden accusations hurled on others in some name or the other. Digvijay Singh, a senior Congress leader equated Arvind Kejriwal with Rakhi Sawant with a comparison that both of them talk erratic without any substance in what they say. Yashwant Sinha, a senior BJP leader compared Rahul Gandhi with a horse well dressed up for use by a bride groom on the occasion of his marriage. Apparently there is nothing much wrong in such usage of adjectives, but it certainly falls short of decency and decorum. It is something of the sort of a coloured absurdity. No language lacks the required amount of words to give expressions to one’s own thoughts as they are there in plenty to choose from. Much depends on the one who has to speak out his mind, he may go for better words to express himself, or  he may do the same thing in a crudest possible form. Who will agree on equating Kejriwal with Rakhi Sawant, or who will like to fall in line with Rahul Gandhi being branded as a marriage horse? Voice of resentment is a democratic right, no doubt, but if one stoops too low against decency, it is too much. Raise your voice, raise your protest, but every thing has a limit, and so is calling names the way it is being done in the current political scenario.

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9 thoughts on “Acrobatics on calling names:

  1. Sir to mention ‘Similarity of thoughts’ your recent article is very much relevant here. Same types of thoughts are transpiring from the minds of most of the politicians. Unfortunately evil souls in politics are now in plenty so such types of thought are expressed by them. The meaning of ‘Parliamentary language’ needs to be change in modern dictionary. This unveils the real face and ideological bankruptcy of our politicians vying to lead the nation to ill fated destination.
    Happy Dipawali and sadar charan sparsh.


  2. Social discipline demands decency in lanquage.


  3. Very disgraceful on the part of all such leaders, using filthy language. Should hold their tongue. Are they lacking in solid ground of arguments

    On Diwali day I will not talk about RAVANS

    Leaving this topic –.I Wish you a very Happy and Sparkling Deepawali and successful year ahead.


  4. Ill talks are highly undesirable


  5. Our political communication is real pathetic.


  6. It is quite unpleasant that a politician like Mr. Yaswant Sinha passed such remark on Mr. Rahul Gandhi.It seems that entire community belonging to politics has last their patience.In view of mine the entry of undesirable persons in Parliament or Assembly, may be one of the reasion behind it.As for Mr.Dig Vijay Singh is concern, neither he has quality of leadership nor politician,he is only a mouth piece of his Boss,and what ever signal is received,he spoke accordingly.Now in regard to Mr. Rahul Gandhi,he is quite immature till now despite the fact that a very big group of politicians is deputed behind to teach him lession of politics.Despite if it his improvement is sufficient.


  7. Dear Sir, please read my last line of my comment as “Despite this. whatever imrovement he is trying to make is not adequate.”


  8. It is shameful,


  9. i wish your plausible blog could reach these highly staged politicians so that political and democratic level of our country does not exacerbate further.


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