Similarity of thoughts:

Thought process is a peculiar phenomenon. One thinks something and his/ her mind repeats the same thing times and again. On many an occasions, something occurs to my mind and when I trace my memory I find that this I had already thought of earlier. It doesn’t end here only as what happens many a times is that some body somewhere else gave an expression to his thoughts, and the thoughts I am having now are just similar to that. The ethics applicable to bloggers provide that whatever they write should be just ‘unique’, but what I see in practical terms is that it is just not possible as because this amounts to an attempt to trespass the rules of Nature. Sometime back I wrote a post titled as Every thing we do is initially an imagination only, but only the other day while reading Bernard Shaw I found that more or less exactly the same idea was expressed by him in the following  manner:

“Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will.”

George Bernard Shaw has been my favourite writer right from  my school days but I had never come across what he said on imagination like it is quoted above. Those who may not be aware of this fact may just develop a feeling that the very idea I did expatiate in my above mentioned article (link) is borrowed from Bernard Shaw, just contrary to what is not the fact at all. It’s for sure that almost every writer might be undergoing such a problem. My daughter once told me that one of my poems in Hindi quite resembled the one sung by Jagjit Singh. I went through my records and found that the poem so recited by him itself was written much later after I wrote my own. Such a coincidence is just very normal in every field even the ones much outside writings. Look wise every person differs from one another, and so are writings. They differ from person to person howsoever much be the similarity in expressions.


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12 thoughts on “Similarity of thoughts:

  1. Imagination / thoughts of different people may resemble ( with slight difference) .That is why the censes is built .


  2. You are blessed that your thought resemble with those of George Bernard Shaw. Think of me whose match with Prem Bajpai or Ibne Shafi BA. I think thought patterns are decided by the influence that we receive in our childhood and the way we develop ourselves during formative years. It is corroborated from the fact that GB Shaw is your liking since childhood. That is why the resemblance of his thoughts today.


    1. Looks like you are casting more of an aspersion than an admiration of course in an indirect form taking advantage of your capability to draw a meaningful inference from some text or the other. Nice comments. I did relish it.


      1. I sincerely regret and apologise for the mention of me, Bajpai and Shafi which has brought flak from you. I seek your pardon as it was nothing intentional.


  3. Very thought provoking


  4. I am of the opinion that pattern of thinking or route of notions of both,the author and Bernard Shaw may be the same.Author wrote in his Blog that Bernord Shaw was hia favourite writer.But the question is why he was a favourite writer?The reply of this question is simple because the line of thinking is same.


    1. Very nice and much enough logic based a comment. My sincere thanks.


  5. Sir…… This seems to be a high standard philosophical subject beyond my understanding capacity.. But the law of conservation of matter is a well established principle of physics according to which matter can neither be produced nor destroyed, only transformation of state occurs…. The same is with thoughts travelling through the minds of souls depending it being good or bad…. The great thoughts travels through the minds of great souls and bad thoughts through the bad souls…. We fully believe that yours is a reincarnation of a great soul so your thoughts resemble with that of great men….


    1. You have so elaborately and meaningfully covered the topic. Thanks for a well expressed comments.


  6. Very nice.


  7. sir, thoughts of a person generally arise due to his experience and dreams and it is very beautiful to hear that your thoughts match with George Bernard Shaw and Mr Jagjit singh and via your blogs we can comprehend their thoughts explicitly.


  8. Very thoughtful.


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