Minimum wages rules to apply to temple employees too!

There is no dearth of temples any where in India and they are available in plenty wherever you go. These temples are normally managed by different trusts. There are some temples run by the people at their individual level also. Different States in the country have their own rules for the purpose including in regard to payment of minimum wages to the employees working in the respective temples. As per decision taken by the then State Government of Kerala (India), a gazette notification was issued on 16th August’2011 to the effect that Payment of Minimum Wages Rules be applied to the staff employed in different temples in the State also. Priests and Oracles are mainly included in the category of employees. Parathsarathi temple in Guruvayur is reportedly the one who defaulted the rules so stipulated on the ground that the temple doesn’t have resources enough to pay the amount so prescribed to its employees.

Most of the temples in India are more like a business house than religious pursuits in the name of some ritual or the other. Their earnings are immense. Many of them only cheat the devouts to fetch a bigger sum of money from them. They feed themselves fat enough to keep up fortunes for their future generations for long. But when it comes to paying their employees, they pretend to be resource less for the purpose. The law should be implemented with force to see that the so called religious patrons are made to pay the temple employees adequately.

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12 thoughts on “Minimum wages rules to apply to temple employees too!

  1. Workers interest should be considered first


  2. You are absolutely correct Sir.


  3. Sir ‘Improve Your Selves Ye Sadhus’ was an article of yours sometime back which depicted the gorakhdhandha of such religion contractors. How devotees are be-fooled every where on such places can be seen very easily The religion is the guiding basis of life but now it has been a medium of exploitation and blackmailing Governments are also in habit of blackmailing the people in the name of religion for votes so they are not caring on this issue. It is also the social duty of every religious person to force the trusts and managers of these temples to pay not only minimum but honorable wages to those who keep the temples timetable effective. Sir thanks for highlighting the plight of such type of persons.




  4. Of course there should be minimum wage for temple staff..Leaving some of the road side small temples, All have plenty of money –offered by devotees –take example of south and SIRDI .So the excuse of having not enough money is acceptable .Actually these temple s are being run by MAFIYA’s ..


  5. The views given in the Blog is correct without any if & but.


  6. Absolute truth my friend!!


    1. Thank you Sakshi for your comment and several other ‘likes’. Hopefully, you must be working on some new poem or a writeup. I do have an anxiety for it.


      1. 😉
        hope I can live up to it !

        and certain articles were really well written, especially loved your thought on how people go on pressing “like” without even reading,
        And I admit, I hardly ever open any links to videos.. though I should, once in a while..


  7. So well said.


  8. I admire you for your commitment to those who needs organisation.


  9. yet another example of tyranny of these government officials making unethical use of their power.


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