Hail Obama, he created history again!

Yes, Barack Obama has finally emerged victorious. He did succeed in registering his victory with a comfortable margin against his rival candidate Romney ending the most suspenseful moments before it happened. He took no time in twitting “This happened because of you. Thank you”, as he did always keep the American people in general in mind. He created history by becoming the first non-white President of America, and then he recreated it by getting elected as such for the second term. It was neck to neck contest between him and Romney with a margin of 4-5 votes plus and minus initially as per minute to minute survey made for the purpose, but by the time it culminated with Obama fervour reaching a pinnacle, the picture was just a different one indicating a thumping lead for Obama. Our hearty congratulations and good wishes to you, Obama, the great.

Barack Obama might have taken certain policy decisions including his stand on outsourcing, which might have not fully suited to India, as say some critics of his, but drawing any conclusion on that basis to the effect that he may not prove to be pro India, is not correct. He is a Gandhian at heart, as he is the one who keeps a photograph of Mahatma Gandhi close to him most of the time. There is a great humanist in him, which factor always keeps him much closure to the common man, be it America, or any place outside it. During his second term as an American President, America in particular and the world as a whole, let us expect, get benefitted in an ample measure.

The top most election scenario in the richest country like America was obviously the one that cost it much huge an amount, but there was not even any slightest possible murmur of misusing the funds any where, like it might have been the case in some other place in the world, say India itself. To confess it in candid terms, India is a country where nothing moves without some kind of a scandal or the other, more so in respect of money, muscle power and funds in general, which evils are  more flagrantly prevalent during the period when elections fall due. We do admire America the way they handle the law and order situation particularly in the days when elections take place.

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9 thoughts on “Hail Obama, he created history again!

  1. India should take a lesson from USA. But I am not very hopeful because of the deep routed corruption in politics .


  2. Long live Obama


  3. I fully endorse your view.


  4. My hearty congratulations to Obama the president of United States of America on his 2nd term as president.


  5. Sir. Barak Obama on his victory thanked the voters and humbly said ‘you have voted to performance’. This was great. Not only Obama but the entire USA made history. They love their democracy, they love their nation and they love their duty too above the caste, creed, color and religion. That is the root cause of unparalleled strength of USA. The biggest achievement of Obama was to pin point the location of Osama Bin Laden and kill him in the land of another nation. It was killing of the biggest enemy of humanity and supreme master mind of terrorism. Peace loving people on the earth and Americans found a hero in Obama so his victory is hailed by all by heart. Long live Obama- a man full of spirit to crush the terrorism.


  6. I find it surprising that most people do not realize? How american politics is one of manipulation. There is plenty of evidence to suggest his, Obama’s, CIA connections.
    http://exopolitics.blogs.com/exopolitics/2012/01/hidden-story-behind-jesse-ventura-piers-morgans-cnn-clash-over-obama-cia-ties.html The connections to Chicago. Home of “the mob”, etc.

    Either way, this month’s election in U.S. was really a choice between “Fric” or “Frac”? So, “Frac” won. Do not expect much difference from either. Since they all go to the same schools, colleges, etc. They, even, all belong to the same secret handshake society. Do not place much faith in politicians, no matter their stripe. If you think american politics is devoid of corruption? Think again.

    Cheers! The karmic wheel grinds on ….


    1. Splendidly meaningful with a dispassionate expression. My sincere thanks for the comment.


  7. Very well said.


  8. Nice one.


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