Risk allowance even if it is not due!

How liberal are the governmental channels can well be gauged from the fact that there is number of judges and employees of a particular court including its retirees at Chennai (India), who are paid a handsome amount by way of risk allowance on the face of the reality that they are no more entitled to it. Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated on 21st May’1991, necessary trial was held before the Additional Sessions Court-1 and was concluded on 28th January’1998 awarding death sentence to all the accused numbering 28. During all this period, a risk allowance at the rate of 30% of the normal salary, or pension in the case of retirees during that period, was paid to the concerned judges and the employees on the basis of a perceived death threat to them as because they were handling most vulnerable a case. The judges numbering about 30 and the employees around 100 including those who since retired already are, however, continuing to avail the benefit of risk allowance along with their monthly salary and pension even now. This can be taken as a noble gesture on the part of the government to be considerate enough to pay risk allowance even after there is nothing like any perceived death threat involved in the case of those who directly or indirectly handled the case, but what about several others who are required to work in a most risk laden situation in different organisations. Take Banks for example where staff, particularly those handling cash in banks strong room or those accompanying cash remittances from one place to another involving crores of rupees. is always a matter of serious risk. In State Bank of India alone, there are dozens of cases where cashiers and security guards were shot dead in an attempt by the looters to grab the big amount of money. In zones of hazards like this where life of the concerned staff is in danger all the time, there must be some provision of a permanent allowance like risk allowance as referred to above. Security is the need of every body and necessary compensation on this should not be confined to a selected few.

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9 thoughts on “Risk allowance even if it is not due!

  1. Actually there should not be any disparity from Govt.side ,other than judiciary there are numbers of services having more risks. e.g. Banks (as already mentioned in blog ), Railways, Electricity and Steel melting furnaces etc.


  2. On the cost of public money the Govt. is obliging to selected circle of officers & emploees.Mr. Sharma writes in his comment that Govt. should be impartial,it is quite true, but this principle has become a word of Books only not practically, that too, on the part of Govt.


  3. Very correctly said


  4. Sir every service is risky if performed honestly. Armed forces and security personnel s are more prone to risk. I don’t know whether any such allowance is being paid to these fellows. Bank men are facing extremely risky position as they deal with cash- always attracting risk. The government is habitual of politicizing these issues to get political mileage. Sir it is your concern towards the working class that you brought this in the notice of all. Working class associations should make an issue to this and demand the same for all.


    1. Well worded and quite elaborate a comment. My sincere thanks.


  5. government should grant some risk allowance to cashier and guard of banks who endanger their life to save hardly earned money of other people.


  6. Great.


  7. Just so great.


  8. Very well said.


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