Cleansing Ganga with a missionary zeal:

There are many a bigger missions launched as a movement by several organisations in the country to clean and cleanse the river Ganges (Ganga) and its ghats. It is a different matter, however, that hardly any result of their efforts is tangibly coming forth. But there are some people who have voluntarily taken the task to themselves on individual footing. The latest being Gayatri Pariwar, the large membership of which assembled by the river side at Sarsaiyya Ghat at Kanpur (India) and started the work of cleaning the river and its ghats on individual footing with broom sticks and other instruments of cleansing in their hands. Besides cleaning the ghat and its steps, they also picked up the waste and the garbage alongside the river. What they couldn’t do was to go deep inside the water in the river and collect the filth seeing to it that the garbage and the filth accumulated there is taken out. This requires the help of heavy machines for the purpose, which they didn’t have. What they could do was just something very frugal, but the message their service like this carried on environmental front was big enough to awaken the governmental channels for doing the needful on an urgency footing. If they could do this much, something little of course, why the governmental machinery with vast resources at their command can’t take up the task as their responsibility with urgency measures. The water of Ganga is badly polluted with alarming signals, and if necessary steps in the matter are not taken peremptorily, the results may only prove to be highly disastrous for millions of the people who consume the water of the river in their daily life as a routine and otherwise too particularly during religious festivals.

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9 thoughts on “Cleansing Ganga with a missionary zeal:

  1. I am finding it truly amazing; the amount of man-made pollution. In rivers, seas and oceans. Eight billion people on the planet, that most do not seem to understand what they are doing? It really illustrates the point, of how foolish this species can be? Doncha’ think? Why do people do it? The Ganges is supposed to be sacred, for many, too? Go figure?
    Cheers, Jamie.


  2. Sir the article is an eye opener for the government agencies and so called other NGOs involved in fund looting competition in the name of cleansing Ganga- the holy river cleaning the sins of many. The Gaytri Pariwar starting it pioneer and pious efforts from Kanpur is a highly commendable endeavor to protect the Eco-system otherwise the man made pollution will convert this beautiful planet in a space of garbage and fossils. Sir thanks for highlighting a pious humane initiative inspiring all humans.


  3. The efforts of Gayatri Pariwar are appreciable, more people should join this movement. However rightly mentioned in your blog ,until and unless Govt. awakes from deep sleep, no fruitful result will come.

    Dear Govt. pl. wake up ,people are belling the very loudly at yr. door !!!!!!………………


  4. Cleaning Ganga is a great mission and the people who are involving them in this move deserve admiration


  5. To have any hope on Govt. level will not be genuine because there are certain more important matters in the hands of Govt.The Central over busy to make safe passage for their ministers involved in the world level scam and on the other hand the Provincial Govt. equally busy to withdraw the cases against extremist of bomb blasting.In such circumstances how any Govt.can think over any nationa issue. Ultimately THEY HAVE TO COME ON THE DOOR OF VOTERS.


  6. an appreciable step taken up by Gayatri Priwar people this might give government some sense and they might take some step in this field without corruption.


  7. I admire Gaytri Pariwar.


  8. Praise for Gayatri Pariwar.


  9. Gaytri Pariwar doing very well.


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