Whether Radha was a sexy woman?

A FIR has recently been lodged with the Indore police against Karan Johar and Gauri Khan, Director and Producer respectively of the film ‘Student of the year’ on the allegation that they used some suggestive song in the film calling Radha as sexy with the result that the feelings of those believing in a particular oriental mythology, with Radha and Krishna (Lord Krishna) as their role models, are hurt. The FIR, which was lodged on a Court’s order, has been accepted. The love story between the two is considered to be eternally supreme. Lord Krishna had 108 wives but Radha was not one of them. She in fact belonged to some one else, but she was deeply in love with Lord Krishna, and so was he with her. There are different festivals observed every year worshipping both of them as the God and the Goddess. On every such occasion, there are raas leelas organised by the devotees depicting different scenes of their love. Raas leela is a Hindi word which means staging a romance with different romantic scenes. With a view to glorifying their romance as something of a supremely eternal nature, the devotees avoid any portrayal of direct talk on sex, but they do every thing that nears sexual involvement, and is suggestive in many ways. What’s wrong if English version of raas leela is used some where as sex oriented, meaning sexy.

What does being sexy denote? Dictionary defines it as ‘Arousing or tending to arouse sexual desire or interest’. True, there can be love with sex, or even without it. The latter is, for the sake of convenience and feasibility in any affair, given the name of an eternal love without any feeling of attachment. It just looks utopian and can’t stand the test in practical terms. Present day women, or say even men, feel quite elevated when they are recognized as ‘sexy’. Literally speaking, sexy is the one who has sex, and that is a biological truth which is out of question to be denied by any body, woman or man. That way, all are sexy. It is a different matter that the word ‘sexy’ has assumed much greater a significance and recognition as an object of elevation in the personality of the concerned men and women. This is how the current generation takes it and there is no logical a basis for raising so much of hue and cry on the very address like ‘sexy.


16 thoughts on “Whether Radha was a sexy woman?”

  1. I have come across the word “leela” before. Used often, as a gift of love [in the secular] bestowed on devotees. I sort of understand, “Ras leela”? Since sex and sexy, seem to be prevalent today. I can also understand, how some in hindi society might be offended by this inference toward these two? Even so, I like how you have presented this in today’s context. I must agree with your conclusion.

    108 wives? Yikes! I can barely handle one. Two might drive me to the poor house? Regardless “love triumphs over all”, it is said. Jaisatchitanand ….. Cheers Jamie.


  2. I tend to disagree with your interpretation. Where reverence and worshipping is concerned, logic of your kind is not relevant. For example, the so called modern filmmakers or even the free thinking intelligentsia would shudder to use such terms for their parents or other revered elders! Or, may be the lure of lucre may some day drive them not to spare the parents even!


  3. Radha Krishna are worshiped across the world by many. To interpret the love of Radha for Krishna in terms of sex would hurt the sentiments of many. The issue has to be understood esoterically which the film makers missed (deliberately ??).

    All hindus know that Radha and Krishna are essentially one and same LakshmiNarayan.


  4. Sir……..The God is for the belief beyond comments…. Modern film makers are only misguiding the generation distorting the very spirit of Dharma..


  5. Sir, very fine and deeply relevant comment you have passed on the Blog of Mr. Neelkanth on Nov.06.,2012.I am also of the same view which is expressed by you in your comment.Thank you.


  6. I am fully agree with the comment of Mr.T.N.Goel.The ancient personalities like Ram & Krishna had ever given a cultureal set up to the whole of human society which is still as much as relevant as it was in their times.During the present time few are trying to break it in their own interest but they are not fully succeeded.If I take them as God which I take,they are out of critical analysis.I strongly disagree with your views given in your Blog.


  7. Making films is a commercial activity. Even names of their characters are kept with this suitability in mind. Name Radha and subject sexy makes things controversial and here comes their success. After all you are writing blog about the film.


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