On nudeness:

I am receiving several reactions to my earlier post on nudity titled as Plunging into acrobatics of nudeness  and published yesterday. Some of the reactions I have so received are quite meaningful. The one such comment is from Hirundine, which has not only supplemented my theme, it has rather corrected me in certain ways. This comment already appears on the relative page of my site, but I still find it necessary for me to reproduce it here from the ready reference to the readers point of view, as it not only contains candid views on the topic but also makes additions to what I have written. It runs like this:

“You make some interesting observations here. I have little problem with nudity. Excepting that, it seems that there are some people who use it inappropriately?

I think you might also find? That Palaeolithic people were surprisingly sophisticated. I imagine that, globally, the lack of clothing; was dictated by the ambient temperature? After all a culture and peoples who can make this place in NE Turkey.
Were likely already weaving and making clothes from animal skins? While from pre-pottery neolithic time, this place demonstrates an uncanny sophistication from around 11,000 years ago? Cheers!”

Neolithic age is considered to be a take off point for what is called culture now giving a comparable boost up to the civilization on earth. Hopefully, this shall be possible for the readers to make a better use of the review on my post so made by Hirundine alongwith the link he appended in his comment.

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8 thoughts on “On nudeness:

  1. Quite knowledge increasing… Sir……….


  2. I join the comment by BN Duey,


  3. neelkanth,

    Thank you so much for recognizing my point. In the comments section of your blog “Plunging into acrobatics of nudeness”. It was very sweet of you to draw attention to Gobekli Tepe. Although, I did say NE Turkey. When it is located in SE Turkey, not far from the Syrian border. Looking at a map of the region. http://essayweb.net/history/ancient/gobekli.shtml
    One may see that it is also located, very conveniently, between the Euphrates and Tigris river systems.

    In general, my own feeling about neolithic people. Is that we often assume they were a crude un-educated peoples? Which, when compared to today? Could be somewhat true? Whereas, it may be? They educated themselves differently. With more of a focus on a sharing world, as opposed to a dominating world? Especially since in today’s world it is shown that our leaders often share the traits of being psychopaths? http://www.guardian.co.uk/science/2011/sep/01/psychopath-workplace-jobs-study

    Cheers, Jamie


    1. My sincere thanks for your nicely worded reaction to my post. I have gone through the links so appended by you which are equally captivating.


  4. Appreciation ……..for noticing each comments of yr. follower’s.


  5. Very good.


  6. well said.


  7. Very good,


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