Plunging into acrobatics of nudeness!

We, the people of our country India, are hardly tired of  remaining so proud of the cultural heritage we posses. Culture is a vague term as it is never supposed to keep stable and steady. It always changes, rather changes very fast. Something that is there to day may not obtain like that tomorrow. The modern culture that dominates the current era has varied dimensions. Culturally, some body is modern, some one is ultra modern and yet there could be some body who is hankering for some thing more. Man on earth was born naked and so is how it happens today. Possibly that is the reason why there are people who have more of a propensity towards nudity. All have their own reasons. There are some who practice it in the name of some religion or the other, there are some who do it as a fancy, and yet there are many who find a great weapon in it to professionally attract the people in general. Vidya Balan had to bare herself considerably   seeking applause from the audience in her films like Urmila Matondkar did earlier, and known otherwise as a modest girl, Rani Mukherjee had to fall in line with Vidya Balan as a matter of competition for success. Films are the best pace setters for new styles and fashions, and the impact they leave on the people in general is tremendous with the result that one can easily come across several women and girls moving in the public places almost half naked. So are the men not to lag behind. If Shahrukh Khan is seen moving in a film wearing only a knee long lungee without any thing else on his body, his followers can be seen like that moving in different places just wearing an inner (kachha). Passers by take it just like, knowing as they do, that this is the trend in currency at a large scale, hence no need to take an exception of it. Nagaas from Nagaland (India) take pride in remaining totally naked all the time, and so do the practitioners of Jainism (Digambar) moving amongst their devotees, both ladies and gents, with zero dress on their body as a whole. In Paleolithic age, people remained naked because there was nothing like a cloth then available, or at the most they covered their private parts with leaves, but that sort of a problem is out of question in the modern age, when there is no dearth of the different brands of the clothing material. If there is any thing called ethics and etiquette, nudity or say an unbridled nakedness warrants some deterrent measure to check it. Is it not that as a social being we are to be somewhat different compared to astray dogs or the other animals.

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11 thoughts on “Plunging into acrobatics of nudeness!

  1. You make some interesting observations here. I have little problem with nudity. Excepting that, it seems that there are some people who use it inappropriately?

    I think you might also find? That Palaeolithic people were surprisingly sophisticated. I imagine that, globally, the lack of clothing; was dictated by the ambient temperature? After all a culture and peoples who can make this place in NE Turkey.
    Were likely already weaving and making clothes from animal skins? While from pre-pottery neolithic time, this place demonstrates an uncanny sophistication from around 11,000 years ago? Cheers!


    1. Yours is so nice a feed back to supplement the background covered in my post. I am so very thankful to you for the comment.


      1. You are welcome. Thanks for supplying the original premise and observations. .. Cheers!


  2. Sir, a very good passage making a clear distinction between culture and uncultured. Not even human but all the animals are born naked. As soon as they are born immediately they need food after that humans are provided clothing that is the first cover of culture.if someone wants to retain the birth instinct always and likes to remain naked or half naked to attract people for banasuic reasons that is uncultured. Astray animals are more good as they fully utilizes to cover their nudity by the arrangements provided them by the nature. A mind shaking passage having a great relevancy in modern age.


  3. Social beings are required to follow some discipline and ethics


  4. I understand that such type of demonstration for the purpose of diverting the attention of people in general is not healthy sign of thinking.


  5. Basically people’s attitude is worse than animals about sex and nudity .Cinema and TV serials aggravates this instinct .Repetition of such scenes increase the acceptability in society.


  6. Excellent passage.


  7. Just excellent.


  8. Excellent narration.


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