How a thought travels from one person to another?

Strange but true it is that you have some thought in your mind and the same percolates onward to the mind of another person. What is the factor that is instrumental to this is a mystery but there are cases to indicate that this does happen. There is a story.

There was a king who used to move from place to place in a disguised manner within his kingdom to watch whether or not his public did really like him. Once he was moving in the interiors of some village coming across a field of sugar cane. He saw a woman working in the field and told her that he was feeling thirsty. The woman told him that there was no water available in the vicinity but as an alternative she could offer him the juice of a sugar cane. She plucked a cane stick from the field, squeezed it and offered the juice to the king without knowing exactly as to who he was. She had taken him just as a passer by. The king was  surprised to see the forceful flow of juice coming forth from the cane stick after it was squeezed by the woman. The king just thought of increasing the land revenue on sugar cane fields as they must be fetching a big earning from them. The king left to stop there again while returning. The woman was still there whom the king in disguise asked for some more cane juice. She repeated her necessary modus operandi, plucking a cane stick and squeezing it out with the full force at her command, but most surprising as it looked to the king this time, there was no flow of juice coming forth out of squeezing, this was instead only a matter few droplets. ‘What is the problem’, the king asked to which the woman replied as ‘possibly our king has developed an eye on sugar cane cultivation with a view to increase the relative land revenue, as it gives us more earnings’. The king felt shocked. On return to his palace, he shared the experience with his ministers and decided to drop any idea of increasing the land revenue.

In the modern era, there could be several names to be given to this story like telepathy, psychological analysis, face reading, but what exactly happened can only be termed at the most as the factor of instinct, although this very element still  continues to remain an area of mystery.

The topic under reference is a matter of study and the readers who want to subscribe their views on the subject are welcome to do so by way of their comments or by directly addressing an email to  me, which is traceable in ‘ABOUT ME’ on the top of this very site.

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11 thoughts on “How a thought travels from one person to another?

  1. Sir. Yes. It happens so. A wonderful story full of spiritualism giving a great message. It is quite difficult to define it in words but it is a matter of intuition oftentimes sprouting in innocent hearts. The lady was quite innocent, kind, hardworking and pain taking while offering juice to the disguised king. The king was greedy beside thanking the woman he conceived the idea to exploit the hardworking farmers so it was the innocent instinct of the woman which helped in knowing the exact reason for less productivity. Though this is a story but real one. Thanks Sir for shaking the souls of rulers.


    1. The feedback so given by you is quite meaningful. My sincere thanks.


  2. I think this type of thought traveling had been experienced by every body in his life, of course not always but once or twice .However it is difficult to name this phenomena.. May be just instinct


  3. Thoughts really travel. Sometimes through time as well. I was recently writing on some concepts that I thought were unique to me because I arrived at them by logical reasoning. When I shared them with my brother, he just handed my some quotes from long gone philosophers that precisely matched my thoughts. Sometimes, similar phrases and sentences spill out from someone else’s mouth just when I’m about to say them. It happens. Lovely post!


    1. Yours is a nice supplementary


  4. Well said and has a very good message


  5. Provokes introspection. Dawkins propounded ideas travel as memes and I suppose thoughts are composed of ideas.


  6. Thought is the primal force at the origin and back of all creation. The genesis of the entire phenomenal creation is given by Vedas to a single thought that arose in the Cosmic Mind. It travels and travels fast. It goes on vibrating every particle of the universe. Vibrancy depends ofcourse on how powerful the thought is. See the example here itself. Your blog has stirred me inside. Your writing has ignited many thoughts in me. Surely I lack words for exact expression.


  7. This man,”the king” appears to be insecure to me. Also it seems, he wishes to prey on his people? ….. I realize it’s a story.

    Forty years ago, I was in India. I do not know how it is today? But very wealthy people were always easy to spot. Usually, more body-fat and clean hands. No callouses.

    Perhaps that woman, saw through the disguise? Reading thoughts? Well, I suppose some smart-alec will find away, without a machine. When it happens? I shudder to think?

    Personally? I have no time for kings, or other despots. “The good do not need laws telling them what to do and the bad will just find ways around them”. ~ Plato 465BCE


  8. Thought system is very peculiar.


  9. Thoughts travel. It is a fact.


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