Relevance of comments on a blog:

Why there should be comments or the Likes on a blog is the question many a people might be having in their  mind. Then there are comments (Replies) on the comments. How do they matter, or why should they be important? Are they all that necessary?. There is in fact nothing like necessary or so compulsory in the world of blogging. Every thing is purely optional and quite voluntary. This is all a matter of an ethics in the field of blogging. One may follow it or one may not. The authors certainly expect that whenever they express themselves by way of writing something, this should elicit some reaction from the side of the readers enabling them to realise as to how their work is acknowledged. Readers too are naturally supposed to express themselves on the topics covered by the writer. The bloggers ethics also provide that each comment and the ‘Like’ be individually acknowledged by the author. I am a defaulter on this count as I don’t go for acknowledging each comment or a ‘Like’ with my monotonous ‘thank you’ in a ritualistic order. Such repetitions, to my mind, only cause boredom and irritation to the readers and comment givers. I hardly reply the readers who are otherwise too close to me personally, as a mere ‘thank you’ is too meagre a measure of expressing the amount of gratitude I owe them otherwise. To name a few in the top list of my readers like V.K. Malhotra, D.N. Sharma, Shyam Mohan Mishra, B.N. Dubey, Dasteerfaisal, Satish Pandey, Abhai Srivastava, and some more, I hardly acknowledge their reactions by way of comments and the ‘Likes’. My thanks to them are there only as a standing continuity for ever. I owe them tons of thanks otherwise. I have seen certain blogs where each comment is invariably given a ‘thank you’. To my mind, this is done from the point of view of increasing the number of the comments to enhance the blog rating, but this approach is supposed to be boring to the readers. I do acknowledge with thanks all the reactions so given by the readers, but this I do on a selected basis where there is some need to point out something specific. Some readers seek my definite advice on a particular point, or there are some who seek clarifications, and in such cases I have to meet their  queries. My younger brother, Bishambhar, happens to be one of  the readers of all my 5 blogs. He is a graduate with English literature and writes well, but he has a bad habit of inadvertently committing some minor mistakes here and there while giving his comment. Whenever I notice it, I invariably reply to his comment candidly pointing out to him the mistake he committed howsoever trifling it is.

I have of course one suggestion to my valued readers that they should not forget their comment immediately after it is submitted, they should rather keep a steady follow up of it to see how others have reacted to that. I have come across numerous such instances where the comments so given by the readers are well admired meaningfully by their co readers including the author of the original post. They should at least know as to what others are feeling about their comments instead of just ignoring it the moment it is over.

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    1. My sincere thanks to you Saini, for your encouraging comments. This is more or less your first comment on this blog in a category other than banks, sbi, pension, retirees. You have been a top rank contributor so far as the said categories are concerned and this you have done in most praise worthy a manner with a missionary zeal extending a great benefit to lot of the retirees from SBI. I wish such of your efforts may some day elicit the desired results so far as the case of pension to SBI pensioners in particular is concerned. Thanks again..


  2. Sir………… Your articles are of very high importance and enriches our knowledge and improves our personality… It enables us in understanding the developments going on globally and locally… Every reader of yours is always eager to have a comment from yours… I always find myself sitting in your feet seeking affection and ashirvaad… It is extremely nice and overwhelming to find my name in the article… the others also deserve it as it is the fundamental nature of yours..— The NEELKANTH…


  3. There is certainly relevance of reader’s comments as the authors certainly expect that whenever they express themselves by way of writing something, this should elicit some reaction from the side of the readers enabling them to realize as to how their work is acknowledged. Otherwise it writing will be monotonous.


  4. So nicely said


  5. Its so overwhelming to find me in the text. Man karta hai “chalo kuchh meetha ho jaye’.


  6. sir, its my pleasure to see my name in the top list of reader of your blog.Really your article always picturise the clear seen.Author and readers both are made for each other and in my opinion the readers views must be open .


  7. Before giving any comment on the Blog,I try to understand deeply that what author wants say? At the time of comment I keep few points in my mind that what is the subject matter of the Blog ,appropriate selection of words and its meaning and few more points are also considerable.Only to enhance the ranking or liking is not my purpose.To increase the rating of Blog is not my field also.Of course,at time giving a rank I must consider that how beautifully it is composed.It is true that I do not read each and every comment on the Blog which should be done by me for which I will make effort.


    1. I have to clarify that reference of rank of a blog is made in the context of the bloggers and not the readers or followers. My thanks for the comment.


  8. Quite knowledgeable.


  9. Me too in the list. Great feeling


  10. WELL SAID.


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