Devastations in America!

Amazingly disastrous, the way the sea waves have caused havoc and horror to the major chunk of America is a matter of serious concern for the people all over the world. America is rich enough to take care of its people, but at a juncture like this it is not the money alone that serves the purpose; what is needed more is the sympathy of every body at the global level at this hour of calamity. The biggest ever mishap in the form of a gigantic storm has reportedly caused a loss of 10 to 20 billion dollars to America. The stock market had to remain closed consecutively for 2 days since 1888. The storm called Sandy had a speed of 80 miles per hour. This stands since reduced to 75 miles per hour, but the danger level continues to remain the same. There are several deaths reported with thousands of people injured by high waves and falling trees. There is no count in respect of the missing people; this could be a limitless number. All of us any where in the world owe a responsibility to join our American fellows at such a juncture of crisis, which is rated as first of its kind in the history of America. Type of the calamity like this is the Nature’s furry and it can engulf any one any where in the global geography targeting millions of people. Let us commit ourselves to joining our American friends extending our helping hands to them at a moment like this in whatever manner it could be made possible.


16 thoughts on “Devastations in America!”

  1. True enough, many people have lost lives and property.

    Still, I cannot help wondering if the aggressive industrialization over the last 200 years; is coming home to roost, so as to speak?

    Within the hyperbole of “Frankenstorm” is the sad loss and devastation of Cuba and other islands, due to the hurricane. These countries who do little to contribute to global warming, are going to bear the brunt of industrialist greed. As these storms become more prevalent, as predicted by climatologists.


  2. Sir it is nature’s fury and can never be checked. Thanks to the devices which alerts some time before helping in making possible rescue measures in advance. Here only helping hands and sympathy by inner hearts can heal-up the wounds and woes up to some extent. We all are with them in this time of grief and also in combating with the devastation.


  3. Sir,
    Truly, we should extend our helping hands to them but did you notice their prediction system and preparedness. As you rightly quoted that the velocities attenuated while entering into America but still it was above danger level.
    Though people have lost their lives (my sympathy is with their relatives, friends and close ones) but still it is much less than the level of devastation of Sandy.
    Two days before it was predicted that the same hurricane will hit our southern part of India. While travelling thousands of Km and losing all its intensity, it was expected that i would not affect much but in the morning, i came to know that 15 boatmen stuck in it.
    So having shown my sympathy to American human beings i feel pity on our (Indian)


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