Confessions of a blogger:

I am a blogger writing posts for nearly more than half a decade, of course with certain gaps here and there from time to time. I have to attend in all about 5 blogs on different topics including this one. This one, which has currently 96,000+ hits, is the one I like most. I inter-act with them like they are a live being. I talk to them like it is a talk heart to heart. At times it so happened like I had developed some disgust out of too cumbersome a process and modus operandi involved in handling a blog coupled with several technicalities and time to time changing instructions of the host. I thought I was honest enough to do my job faithfully without resorting to any unfair means but I found I was not when I analysed my own work myself.

  • As prescribed by the hosts, a blogger is not supposed to repeat what he wrote much earlier, but I had to do it, of course not as any literal repetition as such but it was ideas wise only.
  • While giving my reactions to the posts of the other bloggers by way of a ‘Like’ or in the shape of a comment, most often I did it just cursorily and in a casual manner without going through the blog contents thoroughly. Comments genuinely require a little bit of an enumeration, whereas number of my comments ended with just a ‘good’ or at the most ‘nice’.
  • I preferred in many cases of the posts in the ‘Reader’ of the WordPress giving my ‘Like’ there only without opening the full page, and that too I did in bulk.
  • I had a tendency to ignore video embedded posts out of the list of those whom I followed and this was for want of necessary patience on my part to see and hear them in full.

I realised the lapses on my part on my own analysis done by myself after which I made a note to correct myself first before I advised and counselled my readers/ followers to behave themselves. This I did well before writing my post Rapport between writers and the readers. This contains another link within it to explain the position further more. Blogging requires hard labour, and the writers are supposed to remain within their legitimate means following necessary ethics for the purpose. This elicits the confidence of the readers and the followers who are the real source behind any blog worth its name.


9 thoughts on “Confessions of a blogger:”

  1. Sir your heart is extremely pious. you never hurt the sentiments of your people. It can not be said your confession but it only reflects your affection to your followers.


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