Manmohan Singh’s new facial makeup:

Yes, the calculations on till recently going on guesses about reshuffling of central cabinet of ministers are over with several new faces inducted into it giving the total team an almost entirely a new look. Those inducted afresh including the newly promoted ones quite ritually reiterated their loyalty to the nation while taking oath. Some of the ministers till now in the saddle have been dropped, most of them in the name of using their services for the party work. This is the style of the politicians to say ‘no’ to some body whom they consider as ‘unwanted’ in the existing set up. There is nothing new in this pattern, it is rather an old practice. When Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India, wanted to get rid of Morarji Desai as most dominantly powerful a minister in his cabinet, he introduced Kamraj Plan, which otherwise prescribed a proposal that all the ministers in the caninet should voluntarily quit paving the way for reshuffling it in much more desired a manner. This was the handle used against Morarji Desai, including of course a few more, to facilitate their smooth ouster instead of telling them a straight ‘no’ to any berth in the cabinet of ministers. Both of those promoted to higher rank and those inducted afresh are a category consisting of those who otherwise have a tainted image. The memory of the public is still fresh to remember how Salman Khurshid was involved in a fishy deal relating to his trust and, as if he deserved an incentive for his act as such, he is gifted with most important a portfolio of cabinet rank like that of external affairs. The Prime Minister conveniently,  rather provocatively, chose to lend his deaf ears to the cry of the people in general against most ghastly a picture of corruption so rampant in the country.

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11 thoughts on “Manmohan Singh’s new facial makeup:

  1. Well said, Manmohan Singh is a dummy Prime Minister India ever had


  2. I fail to understand that what criterian is fixed for promotion by.Dr.Manmohan singh who has promoted to Mr. Salman Khursheed form Law Minister to Minister for Foreign Affairs.There are many others in the cabinet and out side too in the ruling party who touched the sky in corruption. In this direction Mr.Khursheed is very junior who could earn 70 lacs only, while there is no scarcity who could earn millions and millions.


  3. Title is wonderful. Man Mohan Is just a makeup Man of Sonia Raj film.


  4. Well, Manmohan Singh is a only Robot which is being handled by Sonia’s Remote


  5. ha! i totally agree!!


  6. Sir now the area of politics seems to be reserved for evil souls. Only tainted people are welcomed here. The personality like Dr. Manmohan Singh is now mere a robot is the out product of the modern political system. The corruption is so deep routed in the country and inner souls of the country men seems to be dead. Now a super power incarnate is awaited to kill the corrupt demons.


    1. Nicely said. Thanks for an elaborate comment.


  7. Higher the corruption, higher the (post ) portfolio in the regime of congress govt.


  8. Ours is a dummy Prime Minister.


  9. Rahul asked Sonia – How long we will loot India. She replied “Jab tak hai Jaan’. He asked again who will protect us. She said ‘Son of Sardar’.




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