SBI–Officers movement accelerates:

If an overall overwhelming a response by way of emails, comments, likes and ranks to what has been highlighted in the earlier posts relating to confrontation between State Bank’s top management and the officers federation/ unions is an indication, the movement so launched is gaining much of a momentum getting fully geared up to take the challenge to their existence by the Chairman to its logical end. The veterans and stalwarts like T.N. Goel, ex President of Officers Federation, and a few others are taking due interest throwing their weight in the matter, and this is significant from overall solidarity point of view. The moot point is that the Bank’s top management has threatened the very status and existence of the Federation by questioning their most legitimate a right to stage a peaceful demonstration even during off time. The move just can’t be brushed aside by any one alleging that this relates to any individual or individuals. The Chairman, say the federation’s spokesmen, has lost all decency and is behaving like a ruffian vomiting out his ill conceived hatred against federation’s membership as a community. Besides talking rude with a threatening gesture, he uses unwanted remarks against the leadership, they say. Management might be having their own issues to settle, and so do the office bearers of the federation, but this should be for them and them alone to find out a via media to clinch them amicably. Resorting to use of the channels from outside is neither in the interest of the Bank nor even that of the officers.


21 thoughts on “SBI–Officers movement accelerates:”

  1. very truely said. In fact the present office bearters have lost confidence in them selves and probably aimed only at their fund ful retirement only sacrificing all values of organisation and membership.


  2. The sad state of affairs will toll the knell of Banking trade unions. But the cold indifferent and arrogant attitude of Chairman has really dozed the Federation leadership into a sullen silence. The calmness itself shows the chinks in the armor of AISBOF whose leaders are fighting to keep their service in bank alive than lock horns with a maverick to keep instill confidence in general members.


  3. What ever views expressed in the article is quite correct.Out side involvement will not be graceful for both ie Bank and as well as federation.It wii give an adverse massage for Bank & Fedration both.


  4. The AISBOF is waiting like a beggar before a closed door to get alms from feudal lord who is scoring at their each movement and pleas. Still they have not shown time to show their might and bring down self centered man to his knees. Act before it is too late


  5. Wo bedardi se sar kaTe `Ameer` aur mai kahoo un se
    hazoor ahista-ahista janab ahista-ahista

    Chairman ko Bakreed Mubarak…….. Rishabh


  6. Of-course Shri T N Goel ex president of officers federation has delight a lamp. Present office bearer should have not lost their confidence and replied.


  7. The present SBI Chairman besides being a petulant and pretentious person is by habit, nature and character an ungrateful person. In October 2011, we gave notice for 2 days strike to be held in Nov. 2011. The strike call was withdrawn at the written request of the Management. Yet, instead of thanking us, he went to the media to make a false claim that since he went to the court, the union was running for cover. Later, he started vitiating the work atmosphere by instigating top executives of the Bank against the Officers Federation and we wanted to strongly revive agitation but the top brass of the Bank below the Chairman counselled the Federation to show maturity in the larger interest of the Bank and not to retaliate to the childish acts of the Chairman. We controlled our trade union instinct and gave him a long rope hoping that he will cool down or reform himself but alas! He was neither thankful to us for not reviving the agitation not to the top executives for their maturity. Rather, he was chiding his top Management colleagues for having a middle class mentality by not fighting with unions.

    Meanwhile, both myself and the then General Secretary of the Federation retired and a new team was elected. The new General Secretary took initiative to start a new chapter of cordial industrial relations only to get a strong rebuff and insult from the Chairman whose arrogance knows no limit. The result is that work atmosphere in the Bank has completely vitiated where even top brass of Dy. General Manager and above do not trust one another for fear of the Chairman and all Presidents and General Secretaries of the 14 Circle level Officers Associations have been charge sheeted by him for exercising the very basic trade union right of a peaceful lunch hour protest which is a fundamental right enshrined in Art.19 of our Constitution. This shows that the Chairman is also undemocratic and want to unleash a reign of terror which will have to be fought by Officers without further delay and their workmen counterparts need to be on alert. Next are bound to be them.


    1. Arrogant chairman pushing this esteemed organization to a lower Height ever in sbi history and the work atmosphere has worsened due to the distrust among the top management themselves with a fear to be complained to chairman if they do something good to the staff. This kind of heinous attitude of chairman has detariorated the work atmosphere.


    2. Sir,your comment of 31.10.2012 is very correct.The decision which was taken by you in your tenure as S.B.I.Officer’s Federation President,was a demand of time. They should not be allowed to lead who are unable to save the interest of membership.


  8. The system in state Bank Of India to please the Govt has changed each chairman wants to please the govt by his own way, and this is one of that, to crush the union /federation so the increase in the salary should be effected, as you know the pensioners retired from 1998 to 2005 are getting much less pension than the other pensioners, moreover the finance minister is the ante union. please think on this.idea.


  9. Sir… The comments of Shri Shyam Mohan Mishra has rightly explained the situation prevailing in SBI…. So many times you have opined that to do trade unionism is not a medical advice… Persons having no millitant instinct and courage to face the consequences arising if any should refrain from the leadership dais….


    1. You, as usual, have done wonderfully well. Your comments are after giving due thoughts to concerned article(s) and this shows what an amount of strain you undergo doing the job in bulk. Why don’t you minimise this pressure by doing the same thing part by part. It goes without saying that I do owe you tons of thanks for your nice comments.


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