If humans could realise the agony of those sacrificed!

Agony, the worst being agony of death, natural or the one caused by killing, is an agony for all, be they humans or be they animals. None has any control over natural deaths, but killing is a category very much in the hands of the killers, which can be avoided, if they so opt. It is not done, rather it is permitted in certain religions to be rejoiced as a great festivity. All over the world, Hindus do it to please the Goddess Durga, and Muslims resort to it to satisfy the will of their God, the Allah. Only a few days back, there was Durga Puja on the 23rd October followed by Bakrid (Eid-Al-Adha) on the 26th of this month. Both these great festivals are observed for several days at a stretch with sumptuous rejoicings. The Hindus have a faith that Goddess Durga feels appeased if the goats and buffaloes are sacrificed in front of her statue. Muslims have a different story. Their Prophet Ibrahim felt like he received a command from the God (Allah) to offer Him the sacrifice of something he loved most in the world. He selected his son Ismail for the purpose. The God felt satisfied with his decision and directed him to sacrifice a goat instead of his son. The festival Eid-Al-Adha is observed to honour Prophet Ibrahim’s great will for his readiness to sacrifice his son to the God. Millions and millions of goats, sheep, cows, buffaloes, bulls and camels might have been sacrificed on this day throughout the world. I, as one, do convey my Durga Puja greetings and ‘Eid Mubark’ to all every where so far as honouring the Goddess Durga and Prophet  Ibrahim’s will is concerned, but the great pinch and agony I am undergoing with the thought of killings of animals at a massive scale are un-erasable from my mind. I only wish if the humans could put themselves in the position of the animals so sacrificed to realise the pain and the agony they undergo, or else instead they could offer themselves as a sacrifice to please their Deities in a bigger measure.

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11 thoughts on “If humans could realise the agony of those sacrificed!

  1. A great thought indeed! Wish the whole world and the communities concerned could be sensitized to the agonies of the helpless and the hapless who fall prey to theses beliefs.


    1. My sincere thanks for joining the issue.


  2. I also joine with the views of Mr. T.N.Goel.


  3. So much of appeal and expression


  4. Yikes! …. the idea that sacrificing anything to anything, is abhorrent to me. Yet if one looks at the history of homo sapiens, it can easily be seen; how they use, even their own species as an appeasement to their gods.

    I’ve often wonder if christianity was so structured, to dovetail with those practices? After all, what they call communion. Does use the idea of sacrifice, eating body and drinking blood. Thus evoking the memory, of their saviour.

    C.Jung showed that it is our nature as a species, to be religious. Bring offerings to an altar to show respect for the cosmos, etc. Yet no-one has actually seen, or can show another, god. It’s something to be believed in?

    Or perhaps it is, all Fractals and Higgs-Bosun?

    I believe in god. But my god has little interest in me, or this planet. The cosmos is far too large, for that. The karmic wheel grinds on ….


    1. Quite meaningful a comment indeed. My thanks.


  5. Indeed, it is wonderful thought.


  6. Sir… In our primary education we were taught that the ” Man is a social animal”… It reflects that some man are also animal… It is quite strange that some animals do not realise the agony of other animals….


  7. Truly said Sir.


  8. Very correct.




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