Is ‘about me’ mention any worth?

My blog has no mention of the usual ‘About Me’ in its side bar, as normally bloggers do. I have received messages on this point with the senders asking me as to why this is not there. This is necessary, they said. The purpose behind not doing it on my part was to avoid spoiling the side bar of my otherwise a good looking blog, as ‘About Me’ is supposed to occupy more space at the cost of other important categories. I can’t negate the requisition of my readers/ followers, but I was still thinking within myself as to why this should become obligatory to give ‘About Me’ some elaboration. What should I write? Should I write that I am much different in comparison to others, that I am a great personality, that I have to my credit several victories on the war front, that it was me who could climb to the peak of Everest, that I am a space man who cried for moon and got it, that I am a top rank celebrity in the country, that I am an Amitabh Bachhan or a Shahrukh Khan in my field of activity, and that I am the one having no bounds when it comes to my spree of achievements. Looks absurd as against the fact that I am an humble soul being the one amongst 120 crore of the people causing an impetus to the menacing population growth of India. I found myself just helpless in tracing necessary vocabulary capable enough to project me exactly the way I am, keeping of course in mind the space constraint of my blog. Tracing my memory, I got reminded to myself that while signing with WordPress years back I had prepared a Page on myself cursorily thinking that possibly at that stage it was compulsory. Pages are normally in a sequence like Posts, and so was mine one too. It already appears on the top of my site under HOME as ‘ABOUT ME’ along with a few other pages. I think this could be a via media for a compromise. The enthusiasts, if they are there really, can conveniently lay their hands through just a click of theirs upon the above mentioned ‘ABOUT ME’, which honestly may give them a feel like that of an apology of it instead of any thing much substantive. It is for them to risk their time. Using some small space on the side bar, I have made a tiny reference of it there also for those who may take the venture of tracing me there itself.

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8 thoughts on “Is ‘about me’ mention any worth?

  1. Too true and I also have no ‘about me’ page 🙂


  2. If a person of your stature feels small enough to write some text as ‘about me’, what will happen to fellows like us. We will write . , ;’!@#$%^**() in our introduction.


  3. Quite true


  4. Duniya me ek hasti hai
    Uska naam Awasthi hai…

    Sir…. This is about you written on the horizon…. ‘We are admirrers of M.R.Awasthi – The NEEL KANTH… This is about us… A proud identification.. hence “About me” is never required in your blog……


  5. Nice article.


  6. You are great Sir,


  7. NICE.


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