Yashodhara, the real source of inspiration for Lord Buddha:

‘Behind every great man, there is a woman’ is the saying, it equally holds good in respect of even angels and the gods. Lord Buddha, the God incarnate, whose choice fell on Yashodhara out of thousands of exquisitely beautiful girls introduced to him to be accepted by him as his would be wife, say queen, had a difficult time in abandoning her along with their child in infancy, Rahul, in pursuit of his goal for enlightenment, feel as he did that he can’t succeed in achieving his divine mission unless he fully abdicates his family bondages. He proceeded on. He had hell of problems one after the other moving from place to place facing one devil after the  another, but he continued his journey undaunted. At one juncture, as it is said, he got surrounded by fairies with enchantingly femnine gestures in a suggestive order, and this weapon, a common weakness of any human, rendered him miserably helpless. This was the last straw on his back and he felt like succumbing to the extra-ordinary charm of the bewitching beauties before him. He had almost fallen. In a whisker of the moment, he thought of Yashodhara, and her handsomest face flashed before him as superb and dominating a factor browbeating the fairies. The very thought of Yashodhara enabled Buddha to regain necessary strength capable of resisting his temptation for the galaxy of the beauties that haunted him so much. He could overcome the crisis, and was able to move forward in pursuit of his goal. He was ultimately successful in attaining the enlightenment.

When Buddha, who was now Lord Buddha after attaining the enlightenment, returned home, there was an ocean of the people that emerged to greet him. The only exception was Yashodhara. She refused to go to him and said instead that the Lord has himself to come and meet her as her husband the way he had left her. Lord Buddha went to her in her room in the palace categorically accepting that whatever he could attain was because of her only and nothing else. He narrated to her the very nightmarish experience he had encountered while facing the charm of the fairies.

Maithili Sharan Gupta, the first national poet of the country, has described the way Lord Buddha narrated to her the very turmoil he experienced during his journey for the enlightenment, in his famous book ‘Yashodhara’. The relative portion is quoted below in Roman:

“Aaya jab kaam mujhe marney ko bar bar

Apsara anekini sajaayey hem heer sey

Tum to yahan theen dheer dhyan hee tumhara wahan

Jujha mujhe aagey kar panch shar veer sey”

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  2. this is a very beautiful story neelkanth, have not read this one before! loved it!


  3. Very nice article and I would like to read it again & again.


  4. Interesting and appealing


  5. Very good story on Yashodhara


  6. Very beautiful.


  7. great story.


  8. Every man great or small is given birth by a woman named- Mother… We remember your article “Mother Divine”… Yashodhara was also a mother… No one on the earth is more sacrifice full than mother…. extremely inspiring and soothing sir…


  9. Very good


  10. apki kahani badi marmik hridayasparshi aur rochak hai


    1. *Well done. Your comment is so well self explanatory.*




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