Paramilitary forces–why they tend more to suicides?

There are many belonging to paramilitary forces who have more of a tendency to commit suicide, says one study. They are less in number compared to the army forces, but their suicidal tendency is much bigger compared to them. What could be the reasons? They are well paid, as apparently appears, and command more of a respect in comparison to several other defence segments, they are looked after well with sumptuous amenities and perquisites, and their service conditions provide plenty of leave of different kinds enabling them to be with their families more often. Worst affected are the ones belonging to Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), as it is said. Their contention is that they are much more in stress and tension all the time in comparison to others. They quote army personnel for example who, as per their view point, are placed in much better a position in the sense that they know well where their enemy is, and how they are targeted by them, while being in the battle field. This enables them to take necessary position for their defence and counter attack. CRPF men have no such avenues, as they have to fight, say naxalites for example, who are mostly traceable in dense forests. It is not only difficult but impossible to get aware as to where they are and where from they may start their shooting spree against the CRPF fighters. They have to fight with them for unlimited hours at a stretch without any sleep and rest. It is true, they say, that there are plenty of leave provisions in their service rules, but it is always a difficult task to get it granted at the hour of their need, and in most of the cases the requests are turned down. All this taken together forms a situation for them causing their nerves an extreme tension to the point of severe depression, and there occur many an instances where they prefer to embrace death by committing suicide as against the most tortuous a life they have to lead otherwise. They are a lot who undoubtedly deserve an immediate remedial measure to secure them a normal life at par with many of their counter parts elsewhere.

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10 thoughts on “Paramilitary forces–why they tend more to suicides?



    1. I fully support your view point on the subject


  2. The problem is a burning one and deserves immediate intervention in the matter


  3. Such pitiable is the condition. I have not seen it in papers.


  4. Very important issue is taken by Author in this article and suitable step should be taken on this problem at an earliest.


  5. Unfortunately such issues of grave importance does not attract attention of administration. That is why unions are required. They maintain the balance.


  6. Sir being a crusader and champion of working class people you have felt the agony and anguish of these people otherwise no one even responsible agencies are apathetic towards the problems faced by these brave persons. Every jawan feels proud for staking his life for his nation. The force CRPF is mainly controlled by politicians. They are deployed in operations but with tied hands. Sometimes they are compelled to allow a safer escape passage for militants on cost of their lives. This also instigates them to commit suicide.


  7. Balance is necessary.




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