SBI–A clarification making the confusion worse confounded!

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The top level representatives of the State Bank management, of course including B.V. Chaubal, Dy. Managing Director and CDO, who otherwise has a reputation of the one having maintained most cordial a relationship with all the cadres of staff in the Bank in whatever level he was ever positioned, came out with a clarification releasing necessary communique for the purpose. This they did for public consumption with a narrative of the unpleasant scenario that is currently obtaining in the Bank as a result of their tussle with All India State Bank of India Officers Federation. They, flagrantly and, say wilfully, isolated the Officers Federation calling them as an ‘exception’ to the different categories of the people serving the Bank’s interest. They, in a way, thanked every body on earth specifically excluding the Officers Federation. These are two different things –not offering thanks to some one at all, and distinctly pronouncing that some one doesn’t deserve thanks. In a situation of highly vulnerable an order as it is obtaining currently in the Bank, such a reaction on the part of the management only adds fuel to the fire. The very ethics of industrial relations demands that such an action should have been avoided. The very perception of the Bank’s management, as indicated in their statement, that they are the sole souls keeping the interest of the Bank in mind is not in a good taste. They should know, as their immediate predecessors all along did, that whatever chance to manage and monitor the things they get is only based on what is produced by the employees and officers who toil hard indefatigably in the field. In practical terms, it is they who hold the key, and not the top management alone.

There is a reference made in the aforesaid communique that the then leadership of the Officers Federation agreed with the management on implementation of 7days a week plan. Bilateral agreements or understanding once arrived at are always a matter of review and they never assume the status of the Ten Commandments. The Bank has presently an unfettered right of computerisation, but the very basic agreement in regard to this, as then signed between the Bank and All India State Bank of India Staff Federation, provided that the Bank will not resort to any further computerisation without consulting the Staff Federation. Why misguide the people?

Conciliatory measures and not the crude methods elicit peace. This is the high time when both the Bank and the Federation leadership sit across the table and, as per noble tradition till recently followed, sort out the issues amicably. This is what the situation demands, and there lies the interest of the Bank, its people and the public as a whole.


16 thoughts on “SBI–A clarification making the confusion worse confounded!”

  1. There is no substitute of militancy as the Management understands only one language. Since Officers Federation is cowed down and stopped talking the Trade Unions language, Management led by a power-drunk Chairman Chaudhry is behaving like street ruffians. T N Goel Former President Officers Federation


  2. Unions are standing disarmed and disillusioned before the Management who has siphoned off their militancy with the charge sheets. They are in state of trance. Dushyant Kumar has very rightly said ;

    Is shahar mein ab koi baarat ho ya vardaat
    Ab kisi bhi baat pe khulti nahin hai khidkiyan.


  3. The General Secretary of the All India State Bank Officers Federation D.S. rishabdas should shake off his imaginary fears and lead the Federation from the front. He should not doubt the strength of his cadres nor should he be unduly afraid of the strength of Management.


  4. Sir. Bipartite agreements are made keeping in view the situation and requirements of that time. You have exactly reminded an agreement reached between management and staff federation led by you on computerization. The top management has been exposed and have no moral right to make an appeal clandestinely to misguide the workforce. They want to hide their failure in the name of dictatorship Sri T.N. Goel has commented very rightly and Sri Shyam Mohan Mishra has explained the cowardice and in-activeness on the part of leadership. It is high time that egoist management should honor your advise to sit on negotiating table and the leadership should be bold enough to force them to come for negotiation and sort out the solution.


  5. An excellent article. Yest bilateral understandings reached ages ago should not be quoted alone. It should be read in toto. The particular clause mentioned by the management should be read along with other clauses of the agreement.


  6. Officers of State Bank have rejuvenated the legacy of legend leaders like Sh. Umed Singh, Sh. T.N. Goel, Sh. Nadaf and so many. But at this crucial juncture when officers associations are on back foot due to the pressure tactics of the management, we should adopt a policy to re-organize ourselves from the grass root by holding corner meetings outside the bank premises. we must apprise the current position of the association as well the management to the general members and appeal them to be united and be ready to react unitedly to the call of association/federation. If we stand united, no one can beat us.


    1. This is a defeatist attitude we are down but not out and we should teach the Chairman by a language we know-Organized action- The leader is keeping quiet for his own personal safety, not mindful of teeming thousands who will paralyse the bank at one call.


  7. What ever is advised by Mr. T.N.Goel and Mr. V.K.Yadav through the comment on Blog is correct and officers fedration should take necessary steps in that direction.


  8. I am simply a Sr.Asstt. in SBI at Lko. I had openly written a letter to the Chairman (Through Proper Channel), wherein I had raised the question on the necessity of 24×7 banking when cost of conventional banking is a concern. Why action is being taken on the comments of disagreement. I had also criticized his decision of withdrawing one of the charge sheeted leader on account of his inclusion in the management and have suggested that judicial process should not be biased on account of nearness to the Mgmt.
    If my superior colleagues had the courage they should start sending their disagreement to the chairman himself through proper channel.


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