Officers in SBI–What else could be the height of miseries?

As already covered in an earlier post styled as ‘Draconian dictates of SBI –Why not resist them tooth and nail’, certain highlights of what is happening in State Bank of India in the context of dealing with the relative workforce are enumerated. There are number of emails and comments received on the topic. Some of them suitably supplemented the very theme of the post. One such supplement by way of comment is much worth the attention of the personnel in general. It is quoted here as it is:

vk yadav commented on Draconian dictates of SBI–Why not resist them tooth and nail?

Well written and eye opener. An officer of sbi from Nirankari  colony committed suicide yesterday due to the pressure from controller as mentioned in the suicide note. One lady employee died due to brain stroke in Sonepat Atlas branch, reason tension of work. God save bank’s innocent staff”.

The information so contained in the comment under reference draws a real picture of what is happening with the staff in field, and this should be enough to put the concerned union leaders on alarm in respect of the further onslaughts that could be there in the offing. The instances quoted by the author of the above comments are not a total list, these are only a few examples denotative of much larger a number throughout the country suffering from agony laden miseries. Tree cutters strategy is to hit its roots first to see that it falls, and so does any management to target the respective unions at the outset followed by directly attacking the membership in general –be it officers union or be it the union of award staff. The strategy of the State Bank management is clear in the form of their attack on the fundamentals of a union with a view to crippling them to the point of a nullity before they try the same thing against the award staff, as already pointed out in the earlier post, which is given below as a link for the ready reference of the readers.


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6 thoughts on “Officers in SBI–What else could be the height of miseries?

  1. Just excellent


  2. Quite well written.


  3. Sir it is extremely shocking and a stigma too in the name of unions in SBI having a glorious track record in the past. The comments of Sri V.K. Yadav are sufficient to reflect in the plight of SBI people. God knows whether the leaders in particular and workforce in general shall make any strategy to counter the draconian dictates of masters effectively.


  4. I believe these practices are against DECENT WORK PRACTICES being promoted by ILO. No worker deserves such treatment.


  5. There may be several cases unreported.




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