Population growth, a menace worse than an explosive!

Population rate in India is growing by leaps and bounds with current figure being more than 120 crores human heads in the country, a three fold increase in what was obtaining in early 1940s when it was 40 crores only. Earlier China was on the top in this context, and now the lead is taken by India. Thanks to Sanjai Gandhi, who took a major initiative on this front in early 1970s bringing the population growth within control (artificial figures included), but there was an abrupt cut in its speed when there was a lot of hue and cry raised throughout the country against such a movement. This attempt on the part of Sanjai Gandhi proved to be a major setback for the Congress. Like it is said ‘once bitten twice shy’, Congress chose to withdraw completely from the campaign as such, rather it became more liberal on the population factor. As a result, population growth picked up more of a speed again culminating into a biggest ever figure as it stands today. The Government does look concerned about the explosive population situations, but they feel handicapped in initiating any stringent measures on that count for the fear that the adverse impact which was caused by Sanjai Gandhi’s campaign should not relapse with the result that whatever measures they are taking are soft ones with only stress on self awareness on the part of the people in general. General awareness is a vague area and it is hardly compatible with the populace in the country for the reason that they have suffered extreme sort of a subordination for several centuries in India in the hands of foreigners, invaders, aggressors from outside. May be it takes several decades, if not the centuries, for them to fully recover and resettle themselves to the mode of a conscious self awareness with necessary compatibility with the need of the hour. Self awareness apart, the other alternative is that the Government takes effective measures to implement result oriented programmes for curbing the population growth, which is possible only when there is a stable single party in power at the central level of the governance, and any possibility as such appears to be too remote for  the present.

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5 thoughts on “Population growth, a menace worse than an explosive!

  1. A big threat actually


  2. I think illetiracy and unemployment are the major road blocks.


  3. Realy it is a big question


  4. Sir…. population rate is growing leaps and bounds despite a war footing campaign by govt of India as well as state govts too.. It reflects the quality of education is very low and ineffective in our country … Many more crores of funds being spent on this campaign are only for looting and misutilisation.. If the situation is allowed to continue any more nature will take its own course by devastation as it has been started and may be seen visibly….


  5. On polulstion front we had already lost opportuniy. Education and employment can make up.


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