Hell with the devils of pornography:

It’s a busy world, every body busy like a machine, and I wonder as to how there are people with an unlimited time at their disposal to indulge in unwanted activities like pornography. Millions of people in the country go to sleep empty stomach for want of food, yet there is equally a big number of those who keep themselves available all the time for chasing and teasing the women. Mobile is a most utility oriented tool, thanks to development in modern technology, for communicational purposes, but pornographers take it as most feasibly available a device for them to facilitate their nefarious activities. It is more surprising a feature that a big number of women and girls, who are supposedly at the receiving end, too relish it. It’s a different matter that on the very face of such an activity, they pose to take a serious exception of it, but on their back they are prone to rejoice it satisfying their instinct for the sex. If what Chanakya said is to be taken on its face value, women are eight times more sexy compared to  men. I am never for releasing any sermons to the society on any matter, but this does sound as unfortunate not only from the point of view of an etiquette and ethics, but much more than that, from the angle of grace and dignity. Pornography is used more as a tool to blackmail the other side, mainly including the women. MMSs, ugly phone calls and dirty emails with affirmatively suggestive pictures are a common means to harass persons at the other end.

It’s a welcome news that the government is now considering to come out with more stringent laws to take care of indecent portrayal of women by amending the Indecent Representation of women (Prohibition) Act 1986. The amendment so proposed prescribes 3 years jail as punishment in place of existing 2 years for those who indulge themselves in sending pornographic messages to harass the women folk . Additionally, the provisions so proposed are to increase penalty amount for the offenders from 2,000 to 1 lakh with a minimum of 50,000/. If the amendments so proposed are approved, this is certainly supposed to save women against the undue harassment they have to confront with very often. This may prove to be a great relief.

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5 thoughts on “Hell with the devils of pornography:

  1. Good message


  2. They must be condemned.


  3. One more law is not going to help. Indecency is subjective. What we call porno 50 years back is considered just normal today. Technology brings certain trash with it. I am sure people are coming out of it.Ofcourse I am with the author to deal with the offenders of modesty of women.


  4. great message


  5. I fully agrr with you Sir.


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