Temptation for high traffic–why not resist it?

It’s natural for all bloggers to get interested in securing a higher range of traffic on their blog as after all it is this factor that determines the popularity of what the blogger writes. Lack of response from the readers not only dwindles the prospects of a blog adversely affecting its rating in the long run, it also demoralises the blogger. If there is necessary boost up in the traffic, it acts as a moral booster for the blogger. Moreover, blogging, the way it obtains currently, enables the blogger to generate some revenue resource avenues. Such an avenue interests every body including me too. But the question is as to how far one can go for traffic boosting devices. They are of two types –one is to secure a better traffic through one’s own endeavours, and the other one is to try it by resorting to artificial mode of it. Many an organisations are there who are not tired of offering allurements to the bloggers in different ways with a promise of some device or the other to elicit a sky high rating for them. This, in many cases, is false. Even if it is true in practical terms, the question remains whether it is fair to opt for artificial measures for the purpose. I am the one who doesn’t believe in it. I believe in hard work to acquire something by earning every bit of my achievement by putting in the requisite efforts in the direction. The element of satiation is just so great and satisfying when you are able to procure your goal with an arduous level of struggle; if you get something as an ex-gratia, a charity, some false  moves, or free of any cost, you just can’t derive any pleasure out of it. This blog of mine is 92,000 plus readership wise, which is not that much big to match my expectation, but still it sumptuously counts for me, as every bit of it is earned by me as a result of whatever the best I could exert in a traditionally manual order, the credit of which bountifully goes to my valued readers, of course. “Work is worship” said Wordsworth, and that’s my conviction too. I feel like I am committing some theft whenever I think of artificial alternatives in my weak moments for securing much bigger a traffic level. If some one rewards me a high traffic as a matter of some magic, this will not at all give me the satisfaction I otherwise am having.

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9 thoughts on “Temptation for high traffic–why not resist it?

  1. If aim is to have some thing without rendering genuine and legitimate efforts it counts unfair conduct.


  2. Good post xxx


  3. There should not be much of greed.


  4. Every one needs money, so what is wrong


  5. The USP of your blog is its originality and that is the reason that it makes people to think differently.


  6. Sir Sri Shyam Mohan Mishra has rightly commented. You are not mere a personality which have no parallel but a great institution in yourself, inspiring thousands of your followers everywhere ‘Work is Worship’ said the Wordsworth but it is your mission of life. Your followers can not imagine even in dreams that you may opt magical means.


    1. *My sincere thanks for your most valuable comments. Nicely worded.*


  7. sir ur thoughts are commendable and different. wath we are unable to thing u potray it in such beautiful words. Hats-off to u sir.


  8. Cheating and you. kabhi nahin.


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