Do the falling down and getting up just run in a cyclic order?

Inspired by a co blogger’s write-up on fall and rise in life, I felt tempted to supplement her with my own endorsement to her views. She emphasized that if a fall is there, a rise too is there as a natural cycle. Even if it is not there, this has to be taken as such as a matter of challenge in life. If I fall down, why can’t I get up, or if I don’t get up just as a matter of cycle, why can’t I strive hard to make up the fall. This is not a sermon simply pronounced from a church, a gurdwara, a temple, or a masjid, this is an eternal reality which the people stand confronted with all their life, and this is a reality which has to be faced by people in whatever situations and circumstances they are placed. In adverse situations, we have to remind ourselves what the persons in similar circumstances said, say like Milton when he became blind –

“They also serve who stand and wait”

or say like what Dalai Lama said quoting an adage prevalent in Tibet –

‘‘Nine times fall down, Nine times pick yourself up”  

or even say what Vibekanand heralded emboldening the people who are undergoing battles of this rise and fall sequence and are still unable to reach their goals –

“…Arise, awake, and stop not till the goal is reached”

The very focus lies on the factor that instead of taking the rise and fall or vice versa as a natural phenomenon, it has to be accepted as a challenge of life, and is required to be resisted with utmost strength at the command of the individual concerned without surrendering to the circumstances, howsoever adverse and ordeal they are.

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8 thoughts on “Do the falling down and getting up just run in a cyclic order?

  1. i agree, falling comes in cycle- rising depends on us.


  2. Rise and fall in life is natural.


  3. I follow the above comment


  4. It’s true. Sometimes you just have to hold your head high tho and battle on


    1. Your Blog on life cycle is very nice,every one should accept it.Vies of Milton,Dalai Lama and Vivekanand as quoted by you are very valuable.Your philosophical view expressed in the Blog is also say many things.


  5. shyammohanmisra October 7, 2012 — 1:58 pm

    Very motivating.


  6. Sir life is a mingled thread of joy and woe. Ups and downs are essential part of it. If there are no ups and down there would be no life but main object is the soul. If the soul is invincible like yours the life remains always adventures.


  7. Inspiring.


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