Is it that a two liner post too may suffice?

I have come across many a bloggers who write just two lines and their post is complete. I envy their capacity as such, as one is supposed to be bold enough to be that much brief i.e. telling things without actually telling them. Different platforms providing blogging service also encourage the writers to write brief. I too felt at times tempted to follow such writers as it is certainly a measure to save energy and time both. Every time I tried to fall in line with them, I just landed as a flop. This post, as I had a mind to write small, is an attempt in that direction, but to remain still brief I may have to cut down the vast material that is otherwise flooding in my mind by pronouncing to myself an abrupt cut, and here I stop. In olden days the style of writing letters included a line like ‘..thoda likhna bahut samajhana’, which part I have no option but to leave it to my readers.This is my extreme side of limit to minimise my expressions.



11 thoughts on “Is it that a two liner post too may suffice?”

  1. I too have pondered the idea of brevity, in that writing such one liners gives the reader ultimate leeway in deciding the meaning. Often they arrive at a totally different perception. Odd, but poetic, maybe.


  2. Sir,
    A person with huge amount of knowledge and experience can not finish his statement within two lines because to validate your statement you have so many examples to share with us and you do it in very crisp and straight forward way.
    So there is nothing to envy of.



  3. I agree with dastageerfaisal that a person with vast knowledge and experience cannot finish/tell things in just two liners. Moreover it requires great skill to explain and express the things in support of what you are writing for your readers. Sir, you continue writing blogs in your own style without caring for two liners. We really like and relish the way you write and express things in your blogs.


  4. Sir, I would like to quote a line from your earlier post on the very subject ‘ The river is where the branch was’. Just a single line almost a joke is right answer for such bloggers. Not a line but a single word of yours gives a great meaning and entails the quality of totality. You are a writer of rare class communicating in a very common manner but giving extra ordinary message. Your readers/followers want to hear more and more from you Sir


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