If ahinsa (non-violence) as pei preachings of Lord Buddha has any meaning, incidents of this sort are not at all supposed to take place. Promoting one’s own religion could be alright, but should there be an attack on others. All religions must have regards for each other keeping in mind that after all all are humans only and there is no purpose in causing harm to one another.

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  1. Very well worded and informative.


  2. I join the above comment


  3. every religion teaches respect for others.


  4. Sir there are many more religions on earth. All religions believe in God. But God can never be two. Lord Buddha is regarded as incarnation of Bhagwan Vishnu. Buddha always preached for non violence and truth. Attacks on his statue and Buddhists is highly condemn-able. This shows the too much violence increasing globally and may lead to the devastation on earth.


  5. very well.


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