Meeting the beast at his home!

Only yesterday I wrote a small refresher titled as ‘My days with a snake for 2 years’ quoting one of  my adventures, and this one too is nothing new but just a repeat of what I wrote in this very blog long back forming an addition to it. Actually, what happened is that some of the readers emailed me to write some thing more on such type of adventures including some by way of their comments on the predecessor article. I quite know that repetitions don’t form necessary ethics in blogging, but I had to resort to it just for the convenience of my readers, and that too by appending the relative link for their ready reference. The write-up in question on ‘Face to face with a tiger’ can easily be traced through the local search on the blog itself or by searing the category ‘adventure’ besides going through the text contained in the link so given below:

Link: Face to face with a tiger 

The text in the link above slightly bulges towards the right column but that is a minor formatting error.

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6 thoughts on “Meeting the beast at his home!

  1. Bravo


    1. Thank you for your comment. I am sorry I gave a reason to feel uneasy by making reference of a snake in my post.


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