My days with a snake for 2 years!

Some years back I wrote a post on the above in another blog of mine titled as ‘Snake, my room mate’. Some one who read it expressed a desire that this should be published in this blog with a prejudice that she herself is having her blog with the WordPress and that she is a follower of mine. The story relates to an adventure of my association with a snake for as long a period as two years plus. It happened during my college days. Many an adventures have been there in my life besides this one and including the one when I had a face to face encounter with a tiger in a dense forest. I have seen that there are people who have a deep fancy for such stories, and I thought why not repeat the instant one by way of necessary link for the purpose, which is given below for the perusal of my valued readers. It contains the full version of the story.



6 thoughts on “My days with a snake for 2 years!”

  1. Sir……. Salute to your courage for living with such a companion….. This sends a cold wave to nerves by imagining such a situation…These all adventurous events have made you NEEL KANTH in real sense…. But it is not surprising for me.. We know many more serpents were living around you knowing well all those toxic creatures you always garlanded in your neck…


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