Now heart too is artificial!

What a news, of course it is a good one, that the medical world has made it possible to provide an artificial heart in case the original one in the body system of an individual fails or stops functioning. This very component has been the theme of thousands of millions of stories since the very first day the human specie came into existence on earth. There are robots already to duplicate the human functions, but they are just a mechanical version of a human; on emotional front they have no roles to play. It is a different matter that there are films, television serials plus other stories showing robots falling in love with some woman, but that is what is counted as imaginary sans any emotional value in real terms of its intrinsic worth. This is a factor that is bound to dishearten all love birds who all the time hanker for a true (and not false) love emerging out of the real heart of the person whom they are in love with.

The technological device so evolved as a replacement to the original heart weighs 400 grams and costs around a crore of Indian rupees. Currently it is supplied by Asian Heart Institute, Mumbai, who claim that the device implantation is risk free and is capable of extending a relief to thousands of the people in the country. The device so implantable works on a battery, which has to be charged and changed at frequent intervals. Although costly, the development of such a device is worth it in terms of its utility with of course the difference that all and sundry can’t afford it.


6 thoughts on “Now heart too is artificial!”

  1. Excellent information ——-There is doubt ,whether this artificial heart will work similar to original heart for Emotion, Love ,Romance etc. (But this is further a matter of dispute whether this activities are related to heart or mind )


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