Wakeup, Mr. Prime Minister, wakeup!

While justifying whatever is the state of affairs in the country overladen with soaring prices, corruption, law and order situation, mismanagement and anarchism, the Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh firmly reiterated in his latest statement that  there are unnecessary criticisms from certain quarters who are all out to disturb the very fabric of a sound development orientation. He used his own words in his own way, but what he categorically indicated was that people should not get misguided or get swayed by rumours. What rumours? Is it a rumour that prices of essential commodities are soaring sky high, or the corruption factor is rampant, or the law and order situation in India is at its worst, or the hardships faced by the common man on these counts are all rumours only. Rumour is supposed to be a false news with no substance in it, but calling a spade a spade is not at all a rumour. Victims of soaring prices of cereals as they are, the people and their children cry for some food. If a look at the children having their eye lids over flooded with tears is a rumour, what else is the truth, Mr. Prime Minister. Simply branding the hard reality as a rumour can be altogether a political gimmick but certainly not a solution. Solutions lie in a practical way of handling the situation and never by side tracking the issue giving it some name or the other. Reality always remains as such only, and just because it is raised by the people in opposition, it can’t be brushed aside as some rumour. A jugglery of giving names to what is factually a hard truth is used by the politicians as a tool of escapism, but a realist would never like to behave like this. I have seen you virtually dozing in a  meeting, please wake up now, as it is never too late to mend the ways. Wake up Mr. Prime Minister, wake up.

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10 thoughts on “Wakeup, Mr. Prime Minister, wakeup!

  1. country is in a sorry state and it is high time our prime minister should wave up and do something to improve the situation…he should try and look into the loopholes of the poor growth of economy…otherwise day is not far when our country will be counted among lowest economy country.


  2. Well said.


  3. He is mumma’s boy. He will not wake up until he is asked to.


  4. simple and eye opening language. I doubt the economist PM is sensible enough to sniff the status of a common man’s need. He is a hope without a ray of light.


  5. Any problem related topic ,which may be threat to the prime minister’s seat or Govt. is rumor, irrespective of what so ever relevant it may be to public. PM only wakes up on his MASTER’S Voice.


  6. the way prices are rising the government should better be working, only waking up wont work.


  7. agree with D N SHARMA ji


  8. I agree with Mr. Shyam Mohan Mishra. The baby is enjoying a sound sleep in the lap of Mumma.


  9. He is being paid for his sleep


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