Fatwa against Salman Rushdie?

A great writer in him makes the life of Salman Rushdie most valuable to the world, and it just can’t be a matter of doing away with just by some fatwa or the other. He wrote ‘Satanic Verses’ in 1989, a great work but most controversial, and a fatwa on his head was issued by the then top leader of Iran, Ayatollah Khomeini, where after Salman Rushdie had to shift from one place to another seeking protection against death lurking on his head every minute. It was for a long period of 13 years that he had to remain disguised with his name as Joseph Anton, a pseudonym he adopted for himself. It was with this pseudonym that he wrote his memoirs. He himself admitted at one stage that he is a non-believer, but later he reconciled to the fact that he is a muslim and follows its religion, obviously Islam, faithfully. This he did of course with a view to sorting out the controversy on the advice of certain very  important religious groups to create a situation by which fatwa against him could be withdrawn. Now that a fatwa is reiterated on his head with the earlier amount of money for the purpose having been raised upward considerably, Salman Rushdie is firm on his conviction that whatever he wrote in ‘Satanic Verses’ is far from any thing wrong. This is likely to aggravate the issue in worse proportions. Why can’t important spokesmen of Islam intervene in the matter once again to find a solution to the problem. Contribution of Salman Rushdie as a writer is immeasurable and of a great worth, and he must be allowed to remain safe without the fatwa so existing affecting his life in any manner.

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7 thoughts on “Fatwa against Salman Rushdie?

  1. Excellent In fact No religion teaches such cruelty .It is due to some of the unkind persons – suffering from mental disease — only cruelty can satisfy their mind ,They love brutality .


  2. I agree with the above comment.


  3. I dont agree with Rushdie. I also dont subscribe the views of Fatwa releasers either. Both should be mutually tolerant. There seems to be financial consideration for both the parties under the garb of religion. See how MF Hussain made fortune by painting Goddess Durga indecent. Its fine that we Hindus could tolerate it but not many religions can do this. These fatwa releasers also rose to the fame and earned billions for beheading Rushdie . And in return Rushdie also became celibrity of international stature. Both are hardcore nuts. Mirza Ghalib has very righly said ;

    kahaaN maiKHaane ka darwaaza ‘GHalib’ aur kahaaN waaiz
    par itana jaante haiN kal wo jaata tha ke ham nikle


    1. ** *You have commented wonderfully well. Thanks.*


      1. This is sad state of affairs.


  4. no isuue what n who issued fatwa but still he is writing freely


  5. I agee with Shyam.


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