A note for the advocates of a particular language:

Only the other day I wrote in my post English,winglish,hinglish or no English at all about how there are several twists added to different languages including English with a ridicule to the very language concerned. There are people who have a sort of deep rooted prejudices against a particular language, say in the instant case English. Long back a group of fanatics organised an anti English day in Kanpur. They took out a rally through the streets of the city which culminated into burning a very large number of English books in front of the local Christ Church College. A team of processionists called on me in my office seeking my help for the campaign they so launched. They gave several arguments in support of their movement justifying to their best the need for abandoning English in favour of Hindi, the mother language as they called it, emphasising their point that unless English is abolished, Hindi can’t survive. My question to them was that why a language can’t survive at its own without doing away with the other language. Their reply was ‘Sir, Hindi is our mother tongue and it continues to remain incapacitated so long English is not altogether abolished in our country India’. The talks continued for nearly more than half an hour. I was talking to them in only Hindi whereas they spoke to me using more words of English than Hindi, it was actually Hinglish they used to convey their logic. To conclude the talks, I told them again in straight Hindi only –“Look, you people in fact have no right to continue your campaign for the simple reason that you yourself are just unable to talk in Hindi without depending on English with the result that you are only expressing yourselves in a mixed language, a combination of both English and Hindi. Your handicap is that your proficiency is lacking in any particular language, be it Hindi or be it English or else it could be any other language. If you are an honest Hindi supporter, practice it yourselves first in a manner that it develops a capacity to supersede English locally at least without attempting to do so only at its cost. Mind you, I am a fan of English but I have been talking to you all this time in Hindi only, since I know Hindi, without any mixture of words from English, as I have a conviction that one should use one language at a time. You promote Hindi, I am fully with you; if your campaign is to do it at the cost of some other language, say like English, I am sorry, rather I am just opposed to such an approach”. This was the end point of the meeting and they went back disappointed. There is another reason also for this sort of approach. Those, who are not quite conversant in English, which list includes several VIPs, or are miserably weak in it, are the ones to use this Hindi tool to give a cover to their handicap.

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  2. very true words, if people have fears that english may gobble up hindi then they should practice more hindi and respect the language.

    i write in english but when it comes to speaking i always prefer my mother tongue or hindi. not because i cant speak english but because i use it only as a medium of writing because its more common medium of communication when it comes to world wide communication whereas when it comes to speaking i am mostly communicating with people who know hindi/bengali or both.


  3. In daily life most of the people are speaking in mixed language (Hindi+English),it has become a fashion to show that we are educated . When I see the interview on Hindi news channels of celebrities specially Hero’s & Heroines they always use” AND” repeatedly in between sentences. If we want that hindi should grow, We should use only Hindi in daily conversations.


    1. Though belated, I am giving my thanks to you now, as I could come across this in my pendings.


  4. English is a great language but Hindi also is our mother tounge


  5. I fully agree with you Sir. But survival of any language now depends on market forces. Jobs in today’s economy are much more English demanding than they ever used to be. When we migrated from our villages to emerging cities we left our local dialect behind and adopted fast the Khadi boli format of Hindi because that was baboos’ accent. Suddenly Bappa / Amma of villages became Papa / Mummy, It was effect of industrialisation. Similarly, in information age or so to say idea age, English is the language which can keep us standing in the global market. That is the reason there are hardly any good Hindi medium schools. Nobody is mighty enough to retard or halt this change.


    1. This is a correct and well meant narrative.


  6. English will ultimately eat all languages in this continent.


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