Prithviraj Chauhan/ Sanyogta–an appraisal on the feed back:

This is a topic so widely responded and shared by the readers through their comments and emails. Some of the readers, who are themselves good research scholars on Prithviraj Chauhan, like a reader who prefers himself to be called as Prithviraj, and they are the ones who are not only well read on the subject but are still doing marathon work adding a new perspective to the story every now and then through their comments. While going through these enormous sized comments running in several pages, at times I develop a feeling as if the topic is assuming proportions beyond history with a major tilt towards a robust romance emanating from Sanyogta as a source, as a sex symbol. My writer friend Prithviraj, in one of his comments, made a mention of how Mohd.Ghori, after he defeated Prithviraj Chauhan, used to have sex with the number of queens of the king so defeated as per his version, at one stage including Sanyogta. He even used to have sex with them even during the period they were having menstrual cycle, or yet even he used to sodomize them. At least I am the one who could never come across such a narrative in whatever large number of books I have gone through on the subject. Films and television serials have of course highlighted the romantic side bordering sex as a theme but they too have not vulgarised it beyond proportions. To me such an expression sounds to be nothing more than imagining what one could do as his obsession for sex. With due regards to Prithviraj, the writer and the commenter, I find myself unable to consider such a narrative essentially as a matter of history, imagination wise this could of course be an exception. As requested by Prithviraj (writer) himself, I have a mind to write more on otherwise much powerful a romantic side of the love story relating to Sanyogta and Prithviraj, later with an encroachment made by Mohd. Ghori, but this may not go beyond the precincts of grace and dignity of love, of course with justice to the very historical reality of the events.

I have no reason to disagree with the said writer on the fact that a large chunk of Indian territory was lost to invaders because of Prithviraj Chauhan’s over lust resulting into a situation where he was just unable to devote the required amount of time with a robust monitoring on war front against the enemy. I don’t take it as the said writer’s prejudice against Prithviraj Chauhan, I rather take it as a hard truth that cost freedom to the country.

Comments on this site of mine on the topic are in several hundreds, and I am requesting the readers to peruse them to the extent they can, as this may enable them to get apprised of the subject in its totality.


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  1. The story of Prithviraj and Sanyogta should be taken as pious love irrespective of the result. The comment of a particular reader mentioned in blog is only shows his obsession for sex Any body should not corrupt the basic theme of history by our own views with out solid proof.


  2. Over indulgence of the royalty in hedonistic pleasures coupled with an unrealistic assessment of the enemy’s designs led to the loss of India’s sovereignty to the Muslim invaders. This is what happened when the handsome king, Prithviraj Chouhan, the last Hindu ruler of Delhi, remained besotted with his new bride and beloved Sanyogita, the princess of Kannauj. Before his marriage, Prithviraj, was able to defeate the aggressor Sultan Mahmud Ghori and his slave general Qutub’uddin Aibak. But after getting married to Sanyogita; Prithviraj lost all propriety of the duties of a ruler and gave all his attention to his ‘Queen of Hearts’. While their extended honeymoon was on, the wily Ghori was planning his invasion of India to avenge his past defeats. Prithviraj ignored repeated warnings from his courtiers that Ghori’s attack was imminent. When Prithviraj, woke up from his infatuation it was too late. His very large but ill-prepared army had to face defeat at the hands of Ghori’s small but well-prepared army in the battlefield of Tarain and he himself was captured and killed by the enemy. And Delhi came under Muslim rule that was to last the next 700 years. The freedom of the country was also imperilled after the fall of Prithviraja III at the hands of Muhammad Ghori after the second battle of Terain (1192 A.D.). The Pauranika points to the political blunder of the Chahamana ruler who was succumbed in [Sic] sensuous slumber in the company of his newly acquired wife Samyogita [or Samyukta]. Prithviraj was enjoying with the company of his newly acquired wife sanyogita when the enemy was pounding at the gates of delhi. The history says that while going to the battlefield, Prithviraj was girdled by his beautiful and charming empress Sanyukta. Prithviraj was killed by Ghori because he sowed the seed of chauhan dynasty in sanyukta before proceeding to his last battle. He had passed the night before the great battle in the amorous company of his wife sanyukta. Due to this act he could not conquer death. It is said that, when Prithviraj fell from his zenith, he had split his white blood before going to the battle. In the evening preceding the battle, Prithviraj is reported to have allowed himself to be thrown into the well of carnal pleasure. When he enjoyed the poisonous wine of his lady’s eyes, all his bravery and heroism vanished in no time. These are the evil consequences of wasting seminal energy.
    Prithviraj Chauhan defeated Ghori Muhammed in first battle by the numerical superiority of his army. But then he eloped with Sanyogita and married her. This handsome king lost himself in his wife’s beauty and love. Prithviraj never left his harem and was always having sex with his lovely wife. When Prithvi heard that Ghori was again raiding his country to rape and secure Prithvi’s sexy wife, Prithviraj got alarmed and raised the strength of his army tremendously. Prithviraj’s forces had 5,00,000 horses, 50,000 elephants and 50,00,000 warriors. Though the Hindus had great numerical strength than muslims they were all massacred by Ghori in second battle. Prithvi was cruelly killed by ghori and Sanyogita was repeatedly raped by Ghori. Eventually Sanyogita became Ghori’s favourite wife. More than 35,00,000 rajput soldiers were killed in the battlefield itself. The same thing happened again to Padmini like that of Samyogita when Alauddin killed her husband Ratan singh. Muslim Sultans killed handsome Rajput Kings mainly to secure their beautiful wives. The muslim invaders cruelly killed hindu rajput men and raped their beautiful wives. The Chauhans were very much larger in number than the gurids. But they were physically weaker than gurids. They were mostly vegetarians. They were not hard working people. They lived in wealthy lands. So they were stout and goodlooking. They liked peace and love. But the gurids were hard workers and came from dry lands to acquire wealth and women. They were tall, lean and ugly. They were war- loving people. The moto of rajputs was to eat, drink, sleep, love and enjoy with their women by having sex with them. They were soft people. The Chauhan men and women were always in love and lust with each other because their men were handsome and their women were most beautiful. The chauhans were haughty and proud for no reason. The moto of gurids was to kill rajput men and rape their women. They were rough people. The ghurids were mostly black coloured people and the Rajputs were golden coloured people. When the gurids captured the chauhan kingdom they were amazed by the beauty of golden coloured rajput women. The chauhan women were so sexy with larger breast and buttocks. The ghurids had never seen such sexy, beautiful, colourful and lovable women. They were very much infatuated towards their beauty. So they killed the rajput men mercilessly and entered into a mass act of rape and rapine to satisfy their own lust. The rajput women hated the ugly and cruel ghurids. But even though they were raped repeatedly by gurids, they couldn’t escape from their iron hands. Eventually the Rajput women became wives of these ugly Muslims.


  3. Prithviraj Chauhan was the flamboyant ruler of Delhi, who despite routing the Afghans in 1191, is largely remembered as the most romantic and handsome king in Indian history. He fell in love with the daughter of his most bitter rival, Jaichandra, and carried her off despite the opposition. A year later, Muhammad Ghur returned and in the battle that ensued, Prithviraj lost his life and the battle. Ghur repeatedly raped Prithviraj’s beautiful wife Samyukta and made her as his begum. Ghur’s lieutenant, Qutb-uddin Aibak later ruled India and founded India’s first Muslim ruling dynasty. He ruled over India for fourteen years, consolidating his power by annexing the territories of Delhi and eventually defeating Jaichandra. Ghori’s ugly slave Aibak constructed the famous Qutb Minar, a mosque and minaret, in memory of Prithviraj’s big fat penis which was crushed by Ghori’s iron hands.
    The Ghaznivads had little influence in India by the late 12th century when an ambitious sultan from Ghor, another man of Turkish descent in Afghanistan, showed expansionist intentions. Muhammad in his earlier attempts had a great setback when he tried to imitate the crossing of Thar Desert and assault on Gujarat by Muhammad of Ghazni. However, this time the defenders of Somnath stopped his debauch and Muhammad met with a defeat. After easily overpowering the Sindh region, he turned his attention now to eastern Panjab and Rajastan. Muhammad had already taken Lahore in 1186 and now was impinging on Chauhan’s territory. He met with an able and worthy opponent in the Rajput dynasty of Chauhan. Their hero, Prithviraj was the legendary king who had eloped with the daughter of king of Kanauj while coming off age. This story is even today alive in the folklore of Panjab and Rajastan. The confrontation of 1191 almost resulted in Muhammad losing his life, if not for a Khalji warrior who bravely fought off the Hindus and rescued his leader. Prithviraj’s vassal, Govinda-raja by name, inflicted a deep gash on the arm of Muhammad though he lost his front teeth while taking a blow from the sword of the Muslim. When Muhammad retreated Prithviraj did not give chase and rushed back to Kanauj to marry it’s gorgeous princess Samyukta. This was a tactical error that would come back to haunt him later. Prithviraj’s marriage with Samyukta, the princess of Kanauj took place after this first battle of Tarain. Prithviraj had an endless honeymoon with his charming new bride and forgot his duties as a king. Muhammad, however, was not to be discouraged by a single defeat. Middle of next year in 1192, Muhammad was back with a small force of 1,00,000 Muslims attacking the Rajputs again. But Prithviraj had a massive army that was very much larger than that of Ghurid army. Prithviraj’s force consists of 5,00,000 horses, 50,000 elephants and 50,00,000 warriors. Muhammad arranged a fake truce and while the Rajputs were copulating with their sensuous wives, thinking that they had won again, the Ghorid sultan double crossed the Hindus and massacred them in a surprise attack. This second battle at Tarain lasted all day, wearing out the Rajput soldiers, when waves after waves of well-trained horsemen attacked the weary Rajputs. Eventually the mighty army of Prithviraj succumbed to the superior tactics of the Muslim horsemen. Govinda-raja was slain and his body could be recognized only because of its missing teeth.
    Prithviraj was taken prisoner, castrated and then executed by Ghor. Beastly Ghor repeatedly raped Prithviraj’s beautiful wife, Queen Samyukta. She was unable to bear the disgrace made to her by ugly Ghur. Later she married Ghur and became his favourite Queen. Ghur also killed the infant child of Prithviraj and Samyukta. Most of the Rajput women married the Muslims as the Muslims raped them repeatedly and the brave soldiers fought on till they were killed in the battlefield. Such was the honour of Rajputs. Ghurids massacred millions of rajput men, raped their women and their children were made slaves. Thousands of Hindus were forcibly converted to Islam. Thus Ghor completely destroyed Chauhan Empire.
    Within a matter of three years most of the Ganga belt had capitulated to Muslim forces. There hardly was any resistance to their advance. By the thirteenth century the conquest of the North India was almost complete with the Muslims in control as far east as Bengal and Assam. The Muslim faithful unleashed a rule of terror with relentless massacre of Hindus, unimpeded. Blood ran in the holy River Ganga and many Indians were forcibly converted to Muslim faith with the threat of death or unfair taxes. The Battle of Tarain was a turning point in Indian history. A land that had been protected by Hindu Kush Mountains on its northwest frontier now was a thoroughfare for invaders and marauders. The whole of North India was under Muslim rule for the next seven hundred and fifty years until the British usurped them. The permeation of Hindu society by Islam had begun at full throttle.
    Like his predecessor Mahmud of Ghazni, Muhammad of Ghor was not interested in occupying and ruling the land of India. Ostensibly Muhammad’s goal was to expand territory and submission of Hindus to Islam but he too strayed from his ideology when he tasted the opulence that was India. The main focus was to plunder and pillage and transfer as much wealth as possible to his motherland Ghor in Afghanistan. The seemingly insatiable Muhammad bequeathed the control of the land he had gained to be ruled by his subordinates, the first of whom was his slave who had fought beside him. His name was Qutb-ud-din Aibak, the founder of the so-called Slave Dynasty that ruled North India for the next eighty-four years.
    Prithvi Raj Chauhan was the last Hindu Ruler of Delhi. He ruled at Sambhar, Ajmer and Delhi. In 1182, Prithviraj defeated the Chandel king Raja Parmal and captured Mahoba. In 1191 he was the head of a confederacy of Hindu kings in combatting the invasion of Huhammad Ghori. He repelled the Muhamaddans at Tarain about 2 miles north of Delhi. His next exploit was the abduction of the daughter of Jaichand, the Gaharwar (or Rathore) Raja of Kannauj in 1191 after his first battle with Ghor. The king of Kanauj had claimed the title of universal sovereign and determined to celebrate the Ashwa-Medha or horse sacrifice, at which all the offices should be performed by vassal kings. This was the last Asvamedha performed by a Hindu king. Pritvi Raj of Delhi and Samarsi of Mewar alone declined to attend as subordinate, and Jaichand therefore made a wooden image of him and set it up at the gate in the part of the doorkeeper. But when his daughter after the tournament took the garland of flowers to bestow it on the chief whom she chose for her husband, she passed by all the assembled nobles and threw the garland on the neck of the golden image. At this moment Prithvi Raj dashed in with a few companions, and catching her up, escaped with her from her father’s court. Mer. E. Balfour: ” In this successfull rape he lost the flower of his followers and his subsequent humiliating defeat by the Muhamaddans has been primarily attributed to this. Jaichand, though bereaved of his daughter sent her jahez or trousseau after her.” But in the following year Prithviraj was completely defeated, emasculated and killed at Thaneswar by Muhammad Ghor, and soon afterwards Delhi and Ajmer fell to the Muhamadans. Prithviraj’s new wife Samyukta was captured and repeatedly raped by Ghor. Ghor also killed the infant son of Samyukta. The Chauhan kingdom was broken up, but scattered parts of it remained, and about 1307 Asirgarh in Nimar, which continued to be held by the Chauhans, was taken by Ala-ud-din Khilji and the whole garrison put to the sword except one boy. This boy, Raisi Chauhan, escaped to Rajputana, and according to the bardic chronicle his descendants formed the Hara branch of the Chauhans and conquered from the Minas the tract known as Haravati, from which they perhaps took their name. Jaichand was killed by Aibak at Ferozabad, the ancient Chandwar where Ghor worstly defeated him.


  4. In the turbulent times of the 12th century, when Islam was bent on taking over India, and Mohammad of Ghur (from Afghanistan) marched beyond the Punjab, Prithviraj III of Ajmer advanced to oppose the Muslim invaders with a large army. It included one hundred and fifty Rajput princes and their forces, including Rawal Mathan Singh of Mewar. Islam had been seeking the conversion of the world at the point of the sword. Ghori decided to extend the boundary of his kingdom and also gain wealth, through conquests. To realize his ambition, he made his first incursion into India in 1175. After subduing the Ismaili Muslim heretics of Multan, he made an unsuccessful advance into Gujarat in 1178.
    Nevertheless he became successful in seizing Peshawar and building a fort at Sialkot in 1181. He put an end to the rule of Ghaznavids in Punjab and captured Lahore in 1186 A.D. With this the way was opened for him to push his conquests further into India. But he now had to face the formidable Rajputs led by the enigmatic Prithviraj Chauhan, ruler of Delhi and Ajmer.
    For the defense of the country’s north-west frontiers and what may be called the “Gateway” of India, the Chauhan ruler had strongly fortified the bordering towns of his kingdom. Muhammad Ghori first attacked Bhatinda and laid siege to the city in 1189. Historical evidences show that Prithviraj Chauhan was not prepared for this attack made in a sudden and deceitful manner. Hence the army defending the city was defeated and it laid down its arms after the defeat.
    Muhammad Ghori left a garrison under the command of Ziauddin to defend the fort, and he himself prepared to back when the Chauhan ruler arrived at the head of a huge army to recapture the fort. So Ghori had to stay his departure in order to face Prithviraj. The rival armies met at Tarain, near Thaneshwar. In face of the persistent Rajput attacks, the battle was won as the Muslim army broke ranks and fled with their general Mahmud Ghori. Prithviraj after this battle eloped with Samyukta, the princess of Kanouj and married her. This handsome fat king lost himself in his wife’s beauty and love. The newly married couple preferred to live in some romantic isolation. They continued their honeymoon endlessly unaware of the forthcoming danger.
    On his return to Ghazni, Ghori made hectic preparations to avenge the defeat. He proceeded towards India with a large force numbering 100000 Muslims. When he reached Lahore, he sent his envoy to Prithviraj to demand his submission, but the Chauhan ruler refused to comply. Prithviraj saw through Ghori’s stratagem. So he issued a fervent appeal to his fellow Rajput chiefs to come to his aid against the Muslim invader. About 150 Rajput chiefs, both big and small, responded favourably. Except the ruler of Kannauj Raja Jaichand whose daughter had eloped with Prithviraj and married him. Prithviraj prepared a very large army of five million Hindus to crush Ghori this time. Prithviraj proceeded with it to meet Muhammad Ghori in Tarain where a year before he had inflicted a crushing defeats on his adversary. Ghori divided his troops into five parts. While he deployed four parts to attack the Rajputs on all four sides, the fifth part was kept as reserve. As the sun declined, Ghori led a final charge with his reserve army. The final charge came as a last straw for the brave Rajputs. Khande Rao, the able general of Prithviraj, was killed. The enthusiasm of Prithviraj also dampened against these reverses. He abandoned his elephant and rode out of the battlefield in order to prepare his defenses for another round of attack. But he was captured, castrated and killed by the Ghori near Sambhal in U.P.
    In some popular legends woven around the bravery of Prithviraj, it is said that Ghori did not killed Prithviraj but blinded him. Subsequently, Prithviraj discharged a Shabdbhedi (an arrow which travels in a path created by sound waves) arrow, on being challenged by Ghori to do so. The arrow hit Ghori and subsequently he was killed. But it is merely a folklore and not historical. It was a false story told by the rajputs as they could not digest this humiliating death of their hero Prithviraj at the hands of Mohammed Ghori who was a fanatic, cruel and ugly Muslim. Ghori captured Prithviraj’s wife Queen Samyukta and repeatedly raped her. Unable to bear this disgrace she accepted Islam and married ugly Ghori. Ghori even mercilessly killed the infant child of this newly married couple. Ghori and his barbarian Muslims raped millions of chauhan women and killed all chauhan men. Lakhs of chauhan women were forcibly married to ugly Muslims. Chauhan children were converted to islam and they were made as slaves. Ghori soon captured other kingdom of north India with ease as their sole hero Prithviraj was already killed by him.
    The seriousness of this defeat for India cannot be exaggerated. The victory of Mohammad of Ghur was decisive, and laid the foundation of the Sultanate of Delhi and, for Hinduism, the period was critical.
    After this defeat, the role of the kings of Mewar became clear: They accepted this responsibility of defence in preference to the life of relative security of a slave. And so began centuries of war with the Muslims, lasting until the Mughal dynasty began to fall apart after the death of Emperor Aurangzeb (1707).
    Scenes of devastation, plunder and massacre commenced, which lasted through ages during which nearly all that was sacred in religion or celebrated in art was destroyed by these ruthless and barbarous invaders. The noble Rajput, with a spirit of constancy and enduring courage, seized every opportunity to turn upon his oppressor. But all was of no avail; fresh supplies were pouring in, and dynasty succeeded dynasty.


  5. Excellent articles on the erotic emperor Prithviraj. Being a history graduate, i’m recalling the lectures given by my professors on Prithviraj Chauhan and his amorous games with his sweet wife Samyogita during my college days. But they used to tell the lust history of Prithviraj decently. But here they posted the love-games of Prithviraj and Samyogita like a open book. These articles about Prithviraj in History are restricted and only available in apex universities and foreign libraries. But as my HOD told, “As per History, the truth is Ghori castrated Prithviraj and raped Prithviraj’s lovely wife Samyogita”. Truth should be accepted with due respect and i salute this brave author Prithviraj for telling the truth bravely even if it humiliates himself.


  6. Prithviraj Chauhan is an amorous king. He is so amorous that he was fucking his
    busty queen Samyukta even in the battlefield when Ghori is planning to crush his
    jumping testicles and pumping penis which is pouring hot & sweet semen inside
    Samyukta’s sweet & wetty vagina. Surely Prithviraj is the most sensuous king ever
    in this world. Samyukta is a perfect match as a wife for this fat king.


  7. Fat Prithviraj was shaking his body on soft Samyukta andso India was shaked by Muslim invasion
    Fatty Prithviraj’s two balls were always jumping by the side of Samyukta’s bummy butts andso the head of Hindu soldiers jumped from their bodies by blows of Muslims.
    Big Prithviraj’s biggest rod was always pumping into sensuous Samyukta’s yummy pussy andso the freedom of India was pumped out of the world by Ghori and his Muslims.
    Belly Prithviraj’s biggest rod was always pouring enormous amount of thick white semen inside sexy Samyukta’s aromatic pussy andso millions of Hindu women were raped by the Muslims.
    Stout Prithviraj’s stoutest rod was struck up day and night inside the juicy pussy of bewitching Samyukta and Pumpkin Prithviraj’s mouth was sucking sweet milk from Samyukta’s mango boobs in the field of Tarain andso Ghori castrated, emasculated and beheaded Prithviraj and Pregnant Queen Rani Samyukta was raped and sodomized by Ghori.
    Prithviraj and Samyukta were over lusted on each other which led to the end of India’s freedom, led to end of chastity of Hindu ladies, led to the death of millions of youthful fat Hindu men and the lovely couple themselves met a pornographic tragic end.
    Prithviraj Chauhan’s OVER-LUST is responsible for the crushing of his own balls and crushing of India’s Hindu base at the rusty hands of Ghori. Muslims gradually crushed the whole India.
    Youths of India, Please learn some lessons from the history of Prithviraj and Samyukta.


  8. In 1192 A.D. Prithvi Raj Chauhan was castrated and killed by Ghori. Prithviraj’s gorgeous wife Samyuktha was raped repeatedly and forcibly married by Ghori. When the news reched Kanauj its ruler Jai Chand Gahdwal, Samyuktha’s father was shocked and ordered his large troops for a battle with Ghori. But Ghori defeated and killed Samyuktha’a father. Ghori further marched on Anahilwara (Gujrat) and looted the whole country and killed it’s ruler Bhim Solanki. Vaghelas, a branch of Chauhans became the rulers of Gujrat (Kathiawar).

    Maharana Karan Deva Vaghela was a fat King, who ruled Gujrat from 1296 to 1304. Karan Deva enamoured by the beauty of the Rathod Princess Kamala Devi fell in love with her, married her and kept his big penis always inside her, in his harem. Soon Kamala Devi became pregnant and gave birth to a cute female baby Devala Devi. Sensuous Karan kept on matting with his amorous Queen Kamala Devi, often sucking her thick breast milk. Alauddin Khilji heard about Rani Kamala Devi’s stunning beauty and also about the love-lust of Karan-Kamla couple. He lusted on Rani Kamala Devi and invaded Gujrat. Karna faced the small Muslim army with his huge Hindu army, but was defeated.

    Soon the Muslim army reached Anahilwara, all the queens and all the ladies of the city fell in the hands of Muslims but fat Karan Deva fled with his Gorgeous Rani Kamala Devi to Baklana. Sultan’s army levelled Anahilwara to the ground forever and even its remains are not to be seen today. The whole country was plundered and thousands of beautiful Hindu women were raped. With heavy loot and thousands of beauteous Hindu women prisoners, the invading army returned to Delhi. Gujrat became a province of Delhi Sultanate.

    The spies informed the whereabouts of Karan Deva to the Sultan Alauddin who now with just a hand full of Muslims warriors went to capture Rani Kamala Devi. The small muslim army stealthily surrounded Baklan. Raja Karan Deva was coupling with Rani Kamal Devi and was pouring his hot & sweet semen repeatedly into Kamala Devi’s vagina and mouth much to her sensuous delight. Suddenly Alauddin entered Karan Deva’s harem. Karan & Kamala were frightened as they were matting vigorously and were in complete union. Karan’s penis was safe inside Kamala’s vagina but his testes were jumping outside in between her thighs on her butts. Enraged Alauddin caught Karan’s testes and crushed it hard with his hard hands. Still Karan kept on pumping his big penis into Kamala devi’s sweet Vagina. Angered Alauddin pulled out Karan’s penis from Kamala’s vagina & rooted it out from karan’s fat body with his bare hands. Alauddin repeatedly raped Rani Kamala Devi in front of her emasculated husband. While Rai Karan Deva was losing his life in severe pain, Alauddin humiliated him by repeatedly raping his beauteous wife Kamala in front of his eyes. Kamala Devi became unconscious due to continuous rapes made on her by Alauddin. Then Alauddin beheaded the emasculated Karan Deva. Thus Alauddin cruelly killed Karan Deva and caught Kamala Devi. Kamala Devi was taken to the Harem of Alauddin Khilji where she was raped daily by the Sultan. Karan’s head was hung in front of Alauddin’s fort and his body was butchered and thrown into the dusts. The tragedy did not end. Few years later, Karan-Kamala’s beauteous daughter Devala Devi was captured and raped by Alauddin’s ugly son Khizir Khan who castrated & killed Devala Devi’s fat Hindu husband Shankar Dev Yadav.


  9. Prithviraj Chauan was the last Hindu ruler of Delhi. Prithviraj Chauhan battled with Muhammad Ghori of Afghanistan two times. First time Ghori was defeated by Prithviraj but Ghori cleverly escaped from the hands of Prithviraj by kicking him hardly on his testes. On the second battle Ghori surrendered before the battle was ever even fought upon seeing the superior size of Chauhan’s Hindu army. Then, in the dead of night, while the Rajput Hindus were matting with their wives, the Muslims surrounded and ambushed them, killing everyone and raping their beautiful wives.

    Prithviraj Chauhan was matting with his gorgeous wife Samyogita repeatedly inside his golden tent. Ghori stealthily entered Prithviraj’s tent and found the sensuous couple in complete union. Ghori caught Prithviraj’s testes and crushed it cruelly with his hard hands. Then Ghori pulled out Prithviraj’s fat penis from Samyogita’s vagina and rooted it out from his fat body. Ugly Ghori repeatedly raped gorgeous Samyogita in front of her fat husband Prithviraj. Bosomy Samyogita was forcibly taken into Ghori’s harem. Then Prithviraj was taken prisoner by Ghori. He was taken to Delhi as the Muslims raped, murdered, and looted his kingdom. Prithviraj was forced to watch as his lovely wives and charming concubines were gang-raped and his sons were put to the sword. He was then beheaded by Ghori.


  10. Prithviraj Chauhan married Sanyogita. She was the daughter of king Jai Chandra. Jai Chandra was against the marriage of his daughter with Prithviraj Chauhan so they eloped. Sanyogita ran away with Prithviraj Chauhan and lived with him. It has been said that Sanyogita was very beautiful and fat Prithviraj fucked her day and night to her great delight.

    Muhammad Ghori and Prithviraj Chauhan had two battles First Battle of Tarain and the Second Battle of Tarain. In the First Battle of Tarain Muhammad Ghori was defeated. But the mighty Muhammad Ghori returned with smaller force and in the second Second Battle of Tarain Ghori attacked Prithviraj’s largearmy and defeated him. Prithviraj was castrated and taken as prisoner.

    Here some historians say that Sanyogita committed Jauhar.
    But Prithviraj was alive, he was taken as prisoner so it is logical to say Sanyogita cannot commit suicide because her husband was not dead.
    Most historians say that Muhammad Ghori knew about Prithviraj’s beautiful wife Sanyogita because that time stories of love between Prithviraj and Sanyogita were very much popular. After taking Prithviraj as prisoner he captured his wife Sanyogita before she could understand anything and commit Jauhar. Muhammad Ghori was fascinated by her beauty and he without Sanyogita’s consent raped her repeatedly over and over again. Ghori liked the great taste of Sanyogita and raped her for years against her wish.

    Muhammad Ghori was a true winner. He defeated fat Prithviraj. So every single thing that belonged to Prithviraj his money, his kingdom and even his women rightfully went in the hands of ugly Ghori and he had the right to do anything with what belonged to him.


  11. Sanyogita must have been fuked by Ghori. Historians say that the beauty of Sanyogita was the main reason why ghori returned again after being defeated in the first battle of Tarian. Sanyogita was the reason which motivated him. Sanyogita didn’t know that Muslim army would win because the Hindu army was so larger than the Muslim army. She didnt knew that her husband would be captured. Charming Sanyogita was fucking the huge penis of her fat husband Prithviraj inside her tent. By that time, Ghori suddenly attacked Prithviraj, captured and castrated him. So no question on jauhar/suicide.
    Ghori finally had his hands on Sanyogita – the most beautiful Hindu Rajput Queen. He must have taken pleasure form her and finally dumped her after satisfying himself. Ghori raped Sanyogita repeatedly for many years. And after that there was no sign of Sanyogita. What happened to her? Who cares!


  12. dear neelkanth, as per history the truth is that ghori cut down prithviraj’s lund and repeatedly raped his wife sanyogita in front of him. later ghori killed prithviraj in front of his wife sanyogita and forcibly married sanyogita. this is what given in all history books. even in school books of history it is given simply that ghori killed prithviraj and captured his wife sanyogita at second battle of tarain.

    why you are supporting mere folklore stories like prithviraj killed ghori using arrow which are given only in comic books but never ever in any history books.

    i hope you should support the articles of the author Prithviraj. His articles are some what erotic, but they are nothing but open truth. every one should know the truth and false stories and folklores should not be supported. as gandhiji told sathyameva jeyathae – truth alone triumphs.

    every country in the world teach their true history to their kids, so that their generations are taught to avoid the mistakes again. take the example of japan and korea. they accepted their defeats in the world war and the korean war. now they are again the most powerful nations – back to top from zero.

    but indians fail to tell the truths and history to their generations. that’s why india is not fast growing. we still see many young indians waste their times behind beautiful girls and loosing their ambitions. prithviraj’s real history is an example for the indian youths.

    if they know that india was lost to muslim invaders because of the amorous and sensuous activities of fat erotic prithviraj and beauteous sanyogita, they will atleast stop wasting time behind girls and work hard like veer shivaji and abdul kalam to make India a strong and developed nation. if they were taught false stories like prithvi killed ghori even after he wasted his seminal energy with sanyogita in bed day and night, they won’t become strong and ambitious, but will become prithvi’s and run behind sanyogita’s. then india will again face trouble in the hands of ghori’s.

    please promote the history of prithviraj, not the story of prithviraj. i think you got my point clearly.

    jai bharat mata! jai javan! jai kisan!


  13. What happened to Sanyogita ?

    It is a great question still remained unanswered in indian history. It is well-known that Prithvi was defeated by Ghori in the second battle of Tairan. After this defeat Ghori and his men ransaked Prithvi’s ajmer. Ghori castrated and killed Prithvi. But what happened to Sanyogita then?
    As per custom of Rajputs, was jauhar commited by Sanyogita?…The jauhar place of Padmini we found in Rajsthan, which is the proof of the royal death of Padmini. But before two hundred years of Padmini, there was Sanyogita? Since the Muslims captured India for the first time in 1192 A.D, Is there any jauhar in practice then? If she has committed the jauhar, then there must had been the jauhar place of Sanyogita. But History do not find such a place yet.
    Many Historians and Scholars say that Ghori raped Sayogita again and again. It is well-known that Sayogita was the beauty queen of that era. It seems highly possible that Sanyogita might have get raped by Ghori. But, At least as an Indian we cannot digest this rape saga, untill and unless we get even more proofs. But our secular history is mum on this tragic episode.
    Again, it is well-known that Ghori after the defeat of Prithvi, had ordered his men to chop off all chauhans of ajmer and delhi and to rape the chauhan womenfolk. He performed mass-rape and genoside. Did Ghori rape Sanyogita? But if he can emasculate and kill Prithvi, then why not Sanyogita be raped by him? Again the secular history is mum on this topic.

    Please Neelkanth Sir,
    Research into our secular history and find our true history to tell us the TRUTH.


  14. In the second battle of Tarain 1192 A.D., Ghori & his small Muslim army massacred the huge Hindu army of doomed Prithviraj. Panic & confusion spread through the ranks of the Hindus, & “this prodigious Hindu army, once shaken, like a great building tottered to its fall and was lost in its own ruins.” Fortune frowned on Prithviraj and Ghori carried death and destruction so desperately on the vast Hindu army of Prithviraj that by sunset there was complete collapse in his Hindu army. “For many miles the stricken field was covered with the Hindu flags, spears & shields, heaped metal-bows, jewelled steel-swords, gemmed helmets, exquisitely damascened gauntlets, chiselled greaves, golden breastplates, and saffron scarves, intermingled with the countless dead Hindus & got soaking wet in their blood.”

    When the battle was lost & while the flower of Hindus lay dead upon the field, instead of fighting to the last, Prithviraj dismount from his huge royal elephant, and flee on horseback with his wife Sanyogita, Prithviraj fled from the field for dear life & beautiful wife but was chased & captured by Ghori. Though virtually a prisoner, Prithviraj refused to surrender his voluptuous wife Sanyogita to Ghori. Ghori repeatedly kicked Prithviraj in his potent testicles and made many painful cuts on his thick penis. Prithviraj’s youthful young wife Sanyogita, the buxom bride was repeatedly raped by Ghori in front of Prithviraj. Ghori tortured Prithviraj with more than thousand cuts on his thick penis, pushing thorns into each wound as it was made. Ghori punished Prithviraj by forcing a thick and knobby thorn twig down into his big fat penis. Ghori kicked Prithviraj in his potent testicles again & again with his hard feet. Ugly Ghori raped voluptuous Sanyogita again & again. Then Ghori tore Prithviraj’s penis out by the roots with his bare hands in front of Sanyogita. Then Ghori butchered & beheaded Prithviraj in cold blood publicly.

    After killing Prithviraj Chauhan in the second battle of Tarain, Muhammad Ghori used to line up thousands of Hindu men to get circumcised—stretch out the foreskin, slice with a knife and out—next guy! Then they had to eat beef while bleeding from the tip of the penis. Many Hindus refused Islamic circumcision and the Muslims castrated them immediately & beheaded them later.

    Muhammad Ghori had Gorilla-like face which was disfigured with the small-pox to a degree that was a constant source of mortification to him, until it stimulated him to exertion, from a desire that the bad impression made by his appearance might be effaced by repeatedly raping beautiful Hindu Queens & castrating their beloved Hindu Husbands publicly. Ghori, besides being marked by small-pox, had an ill-favoured countenance, & knew it. He himself is said to have observed, after looking in the glass, that he saw so many faults in himself, so he was always ready to kill the Hindu men & rape their lovely wives. Ghori was tall, lean, athletic & his arms reaching down to his calves.

    Prithviraj court poet Vajishwara was at hand to witness ugly Ghori. Vajishwara in his book “Prithviraja-Patanam” writes of Muhammad Ghori:

    “His face was like Gorilla and he had steel-like body. His eyes were so narrow and piercing that they might have bored a hole in a brazen vessel, and his stench was more horrible than his dark color. His head was completely bald and his cheeks resembled leather bottles full of wrinkles and knots. His nose was too long and his nostrils resembled rotting graves. His beard was of extravagant length, but he had no moustache. His chest was covered with lice which looked like sesame growing on a bad soil. His lean body, indeed, were covered with these insects, and his skin was as rough-grained as shagreen leather, fit only to be converted into shoes.”


  15. According to historic calculations, Kanauj Raja Jayachandra’s army consisted of 5,00,000 infantry, 3,50,000 archers, 95,000 men clad in steel armour, 45,000 men covered with quilted mail (Pakhar), 700 war-elephants and in total about one million men.


    INFANTRY: 10,00,000
    ARCHERS: 7,00,000
    CAVALRY: 3,00,000
    ELEPHANTS: 3000

    INFANTRY: 5,00,000
    ARCHERS: 3,50,000
    CAVALRY: 1,40,000
    ELEPHANTS: 700

    INFANTRY: 4,50,000
    ARCHERS: 3,00,000
    CAVALRY: 1,70,000
    ELEPHANTS: 900

    INFANTRY: 30,000
    ARCHERS: 40,000
    CAVALRY: 50,000


  17. Kanauj King Jayachandra’s huge Hindu army consisted of 5,00,000 infantry, 3,50,000 archers, 95,000 men clad in steel armour, 45,000 men covered with quilted mail (Pakhar), 700 war-elephants & in total about one million men.


  18. Respecting women is a part of indian culture and we feel really proud about Chauhan women who were beauty goddess in those time.Gurids raped them repeatedly but Chauhan women eventually dominated and proved their mettle.It were Chauhan women who had the last laugh.Chauhan women ki jai ho


  19. It were chauhans and not gurids who were the winner of second battle of tarain and the credit goes to Chuahan women.The Chauhan women were so sexy with larger breast and buttocks.In the post battle period gurids fucked chuahan women repeatedly but Chauhan women eventually dominated and proved their mettle.It were chauhan women who were the most happy and satisfied after the battle.
    If anything should be topic of discussion it should be victory of chauhan women.


      1. Thank you for your interest in history. The email of mine as requisitioned by you is already there on the right side of any of my blog posts in Avenues with the link


  20. At least Women from Chauhan clan and liberal thinkers should come forward and show respect for chauhan women which they rightly deserve.Be glory to chauhan women


  21. I am surprised why this battle is seen as defeat to chauhans and victory to the invading army.The real winner in the battle were Chauhan Women.Those sexy Chauhan Women with large buttocks gained the most after the battle.They attracted gurids to fuck and satisfy them the most.Chauhans have all the reasons to feel proud about their women.The battle should be seen as victory more to chauhans than to gurids in real terms.Though the gurids emerged victorious in the battle field they lost to Chauhan Women.
    Chauhan women were and will remain pride of Inda.Salute to those beauty goddess


  22. I agree with prof Patthisharthi but writer prithviraj and few others r extravagant paticularly about datas of army strength and mascranation of about 30 to 40 lacs Hindu in single on 3nd battle of trapani/thaneswar bcz our present Indian force strength is about 14 lacs or population of about 125 crorrs and and population of delhi was about 4.5lacs in general census 1911 and thus may imagine in 1191-92 or may be total population of prithviraj chauhan.s

    S State the-then delhi -ajmer -haryana and facts of prithviraj raaso r not 100 percent correct as written to make happy the concerned to earn the bread -butter for family and similarly the then history was written in favor of victorious and looser as devil and history of middle period is mostly based on writings of Muslim praises of Muslim vvictorious and they r not impartial true at all but no doubt prithviraj can not said. to as hero or modal than sivaji and one thing more jai chand of knouj had been defamed due to prithviraj raaso than fact as he did not join 2nd battle. while their mothers were sister from Delhi towers or they were brothers but chauhan subdues to his niece. Sanyogita through female spy and made her wife and remained busy in harem by ignoring his duty toward his kingdom. Or Hindu india.


    1. no never, avik your are totally wrong!

      as per authentic history,

      samyukta hated muhammad ghori from her heart!

      it was muhammad ghori who was poor potent and not prithviraj. prithviraj was highly potent hindu emperor.

      ghori never had any children neither through samyukta nor through his muslim wife!

      prithviraj made samyukta pregnant twice in a period of 14 months of their marriage life fathering a male infant and samyukta was again carrying four months during the second battle of tarain!

      prithviraj was fair, handsome, fertile and potent and his body was big, fat, smooth, glowing, non-hairy, dense curly head-hair, big-mustache and his penis was big, fat, thick, firm, rubbery, uncut and long!

      ghori was dark-black, ugly, bald-headed and tall and his body was strong like steel, rough, lean, muscular, hard, hairy, big-beard, no mustache and his penis was medium but hard like an iron rod!

      prithviraj chauhan was a great fucker and ghori was no match for prithviraj in fucking skills!

      prithviraj was fatty and physically soft while ghori was physically hard like a rock!

      muhammad ghori was a ruthless warrior and prithviraj was no match for ghori in fighting skills!

      ghori disastrously defeated prithviraj in the second battle of tarain. ghori raped samyukta again and again in front of her fatty handsome husband prithviraj! then ghori brutally butchered prithviraj and killed him in cold blood in front of his buxom bootylicious bride samyukta!

      samyukta decided to kill herself as ghori repeatedly raped her daily against her will! but ghori threatened samyukta that he will kill her little infant if she killed herself! also ghori allowed samyukta to nurse her infant only after she tolerated ghori’s repeated constant rapes on her!

      no one can change history because history was nothing but facts!


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