When opting for ills and evils is better?

This is good, this is bad, is the normal talk as a routine in every day life. Why only good is good and bad is bad. May be the reverse occurs. Why may be, it actually does occur many a times in real physical terms. These words represent a particular situation and it is that situation which is given a name like ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Suppose the names are changed vice versa, the very situation doesn’t change its place, it is actually the name that changes its characteristic; bad becomes good and good becomes bad. Munshi Prem Chand, in one of his stories, describes a situation when there are riots in a locality resulting into large scale killings of both hindus and muslims. A muslim fellow runs for shelter hiding himself into a corner of a house and, to his surprise, he found it to be the house of a hindu, but by this time he had no option left to move somewhere else for his escape, as his hindu chasers were just behind him out to kill him at any cost. They asked the owner if there is any muslim fellow hiding himself inside the house. Resisting their entry into the house, the hindu owner emphatically told them ‘no’, there is no body inside. They believed him since he too was a hindu. Later when the truth came out, he was brutally condemned by the men of his community, but there were many who hailed him for such a noble act calling him a saviour, a messiah telling that a lie is thousand times better than a truth if so is done to save some one’s life. Here it was the situation that counted and not mere words like truth or lie, good or bad. ‘Actions of the just smell sweet and blossom in the dust’ is the saying, and it is this element that determines what is good and what is bad, certainly not mere words like good or bad.

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9 thoughts on “When opting for ills and evils is better?

  1. It is only situation that counts. In every game one is winner and another is looser .Here the situation and the activity is the same but it may be good for winner and bad for looser. Depends how we take it.n


  2. There are conditions like this many times.


  3. Good morale


  4. Nice thoughts – I think good or bad depends on motto of action or conduct.


  5. This is a moral booster.


  6. true sir… only action determine good or bad… not just names….


  7. Sir…… Extremely inspiring passage… Here I can only quote as a part few lines of yours which seems very much relevant..
    Agar ponchh saka kisi gam-zada ke ansoo
    Apna pak daman syaah kar loonga…..


    1. Thanks again for your lovely comments. To refresh your memory further, I am giving here the full version of a piece from my poems: *Gunah ek nahin aur chaar kar loonga* *Hazaar baar hazaron zawal sah loonga* *Ponchh paaoon jo kisi ghamzada ke aansoon main* *Apne daaman ki safedi siyah kar loonga.*


  8. Good message.


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