Reservation in promotions–let it be an issue beyond politics:

I already gave a write-up on 14/8/2012 in one of my earlier posts in this blog Is it worth compromising merit for political gains?. It was to highlight the injustice being meted out to merit and talent as against caste politics. Now that the issue is gaining a bigger momentum, it can well be expected that it elicits something tangible in the matter. It is virtually a clash amongst political vendors, who for their own interest are doing hectic lobbying for and against. Both the sides in political arena are raising their slogans on the subject justifying their stand, but there is hardly any sign of taking up the issue based on its very merit. Why the issue can’t be tackled by rising above the political considerations. Honestly speaking, parliamentarians are the representatives of the people in the country as a whole and there is no reason as to why they should misuse their position as such to voice their agenda exclusively serving the interest of some particular group or the other. Merit is something that has no group or any cadre, and so is talent. But the problem is that they don’t have any coterie as such to elect their own representatives separately to highlight and raise their voice in the parliament. Such an idea may look to be utopian on the very surface, but it matters much if the issue is categorically viewed and measured in terms of an impartial manner without tracking it politically.

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11 thoughts on “Reservation in promotions–let it be an issue beyond politics:

  1. As someone has very rightly said that when political parties are in troubled waters, they will latch on to anything to swim to safety. This exactly applies here also.
    When the Government is facing all round opposition and is in docks on coal scam, they have pulled a rabbit out from its hat, just to divert the attention of the country from the coal scam, and have introduced this bill on promotion quota i.e. to give SC and ST people priority when it comes to promotions in government jobs. This policy is certain to have long term repercussions on our already problematic administrative system. All political parties just for sake of their vote bank politics are ignoring the fact that the need of the hour is the need for a merit-based system.


  2. Political parties have no concern with logic, Every party have and will pollute the society for sake of their interest …, vote ,vote and only vote


    1. Yours are wonderful comments supplementing the issue much more emphatically with a language that befits most. My thanks.


  3. I am obliged ,many many thanks for noticing my comments,


  4. But ultimately where we would land .


  5. This is a bad situation.


  6. Reservation is not for the purpose of reservation it has become a vote Bank politics. In fact the polititions are deceiving the country.


  7. politicians are trying to ruin the country…….


  8. Sir…… I can remember few lines of yours from a article published in SBI union journal sometimes in 1955 which i found incidently that was ‘ Parliament is a house of owls’…. Now it should be replaced as ‘Parliament has become a house of vultures’… The ill-intended Indian politics is bound to ruin the social fabric of the country leading it in a state of anarchy… Despite a nationwide movement the Parliament finds it incapable to pass a LOK-PAL bill…But it is in hurry to pass a reservation bill only to divert the mass attention from many many scams…. How long this country is going to bear all these dirty politicians , only God knows…..


  9. I am disappointed.


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