Who is awake even in midnight?

Kalidas was the top man amongst the best nine jewels of personalities, as they were called, in the court of King Vikramaditya at Ujjain (Madhya Pradesh, India). Besides being a great scholar of Sanskrit, he was an astrologer too gifted with the knowledge of past, present and future. He kept wandering and preferred to stay in most desolate a place during his night halts. Once he was to stay in an abandoned house near some village. The villagers advised him not to stay there as the abandoned house was the one haunted by some spirit. As a strong will power Kalidas had, he insisted for his stay there only asking the villagers as to what is it that the spirit asks for. The spirit asks some question to the man who stays there and, in the absence of a suitable reply, he is killed by the spirit, replied the villagers. Kalidas stuck to his decision ignoring their advice. Night fell and it was a total darkness all around with a frightening shriek here and there. Kalidas slept.

Late in the midnight, there was a terrific knock at the gate which Kalidas didn’t respond. The gate got opened with a thunder and Kalidas, as he had woken up by now, found there was a giant standing before him telling ‘answer my question or get ready for your death’. ‘What is the question’ Kalidas asked. ‘Who keeps awake even during midnight’ asked the giant. Kalidas gave the answer telling ‘pierced by exceedingly extreme pangs of seclusion, if a man is forcibly precluded from meeting his love and such a separation results into his death, his soul is never at rest, and it never sleeps even during midnight’. Satisfied and ventilated, the spirit disappeared. Next morning, it was an stupefied amazement for the villagers to find Kalidas fully intact. The haunted house was now a free place for all.*

*There is a belief  in certain religions that if a spirit gets answer to a question that haunts it, it gets free and obtains moksha.

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8 thoughts on “Who is awake even in midnight?

  1. Excellent


  2. Story gives a moral supports.


  3. There are many who don’t seep at all.


  4. Thanks for giving a Blog on the great Kalidas


  5. Excellent


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