Our ancient Vedic science dealing with Yogas and Asanas is amply capable of taking care of all the ills and evils in our body system.


5 Minutes of “Magic Exercise” makes you Healthy Wealthy and Wise

Being a responsible and awarded citizen, me Rajesh Jhanwar feel proud to inform you that I have invented an exercise, so crisp and easy in nature, all due to my hard work, patience and determination. It has proved its mettle to thousand of people already and many more making it to the list. It has now been renowned in the world as “Magic Exercise”, all because of its effect in short time and less toiling. It helps each and every section of the society right from younger to older people.
“Magic Exercise” is divided into 6 phases, wherein each phase equals 40 seconds, hence this exercise constitutes to only about 240 seconds/4 minutes of your day. It can be done in a compact space measuring upto 3’x3′.
Acidity is cured in 10 days.
Gas is cured in 20…

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  1. if some one can do,it is very good for health


  2. Very good for health.


  3. Practice of yoga is much better.


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