Gimmicks of an astrologer!

Known as the cultural capital of India, Varanasi is rich on many counts including number of astrologers, who are available at ease in every nook and corner of the city. Once a friend of mine took me to one of them during my stay at Varanasi. There was much of rush of the visitors at his house mainly including ladies, more of them from the rural areas. The astrologer gave me a VIP treatment because of my friend, who was a frequent visitor to him. He gave me his full attention entertaining the other visitors in the meantime one after the other in between my talks with him. His disciples monitored the whole schedule. One lady caller appeared. She narrated her problems because of the ill treatment her husband was giving her. She looked badly perturbed and shaken. The astrologer named several stars like rahu, ketu, shani, etc. as responsible for her bad days. He made some suggestive remarks too asking ‘…your dining table is of red colour’. The woman replied ‘… I am from a village and I don’t have any thing like dining table’. No, no, it can’t be, you must be having some thing in red colour around you, retorted the astrologer. No, replied the lady. The astrologer lost his temper telling ‘…how come you are disputing my vidya (knowledge), there must be something red somewhere. The woman replied in a ‘no’ again adding of course that ‘…my Bhabhi (elder brother’s wife) uses a marooned colour saree at my maternal village, which is at a far off distance from mine, at times. The astrologer thundered ‘….say that, that is what I mean, and that is the cause of all your troubles. Look, I will do some pooja for you and you will get rid of all your problems, and for this you will have to pay Rs.1001/ right now’. The woman said ‘ I am from a poor family and I can’t manage this much amount’. ‘That’s not my concern and if you fail to do it you will suffer most in days to come’, reacted the astrologer. This was the stage for me to realise what was there in store for me when I raise my problems for which my friend insistently forced me to join him to the astrologer. Disillusioned and dismayed, I called it a day with the astrologer. Exploiting the people in some name of a ritual or the other is order of the day in our culture and it is nothing but a sheer loot at a very large scale in the society.

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9 thoughts on “Gimmicks of an astrologer!

  1. Not only most of but 100% ,the so called Astrologers are fraud .One of my close friend has also come across of such Astrologer. He approached him for the case of his daughter –in-law. It was a case mental disorder (may said as depression) .My friend was told to deposit Rs.10,000/- as there will be regress worship (JAAP) of Maha Mritunjay by four person for 4 days By the way his daughter –in-law began to behave in normal way. My friend was very happy and told the whole episode to me. However I was not convinced and told him ” KAHAN TUM IN CHAKKRO ME FUNS RAHE HO “. I also told him that in depression there is always a Cycle, like the waves of sea .Some times the patient behave normal and after a period of time the patient again comes in the grip of depression After 15 days my friend again visited my house and told that how he was cheated as the daughter –in-law is again behaving erratically.

    Conclusion is , not only about such people who sits on road side but the so called “God” e.g. Asharam and Nirmal Baba etc. are also totally fraud.


  2. Lol @ the red dining table. How can he not be aware that many Indians in the villages still don’t eat on dining tables. He must be well researched if he wants to continue in selling people baloneys like this. He is not only a fraud but a lazy one at that. Sadly even some educated ones still believe in this BS.


  3. There is no doubt it is a gimmick only.


  4. shyammohanmisra August 27, 2012 — 3:17 pm

    Excellent. Quite an eye opener.


  5. Sir…. Approaching these so called astrologers and so called gods for any relief is a kind of mental disorder in itself.. You have always exposed such type of disguised people.. I have gone through an article of yours ‘ Improve yourself a Sadhus’ long before. In that article you had depicted the real face of these self styled gods.. In fact two types of people fall in their net, one who are poor and they think that these Sadhus may improve their condition, Second those who are looters, gangsters and black marketers who treat these Sadhus as agent of God who may save them from heavenly punishments… We thank you for opening the eyes of thousands of people who knowingly or unknowingly are part of it…


  6. Excellent Tactic. I think everywhere have that type of astrologers. Need to Awareness of the same.


  7. I am not much of an avid reader of blogs , but since I chanced upon your writings, I have become very fond of your articles and make it a point to read them as soon as they are updated. Your writings are informative as well as written in an entertaining manner. Its undoubtedly a pleasure to read your blog.


  8. It is a gimmic and nothing else.


  9. Very good


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