Pension in SBI–yet another jump in postponement!

I already wrote on State Bank of India pension issue vide my post dated 9th August’2012 (copy appended as a link) in this blog advising the readers about the postponement of the case to sometime in September’2012. Many of our readers had the expectation that the case may come up even earlier where I did have my doubts. Now it has come as a blast that the case has since been fixed up for 9th January’2013. It is just so astonishing and difficult to comprehend as to why pensioners in State Bank of India are given so much of a raw deal. One can understand if there is deferment of a case at the level of the Supreme Court for a week, or even a month, on account of  certain unavoidable circumstances, but such a jump does beget only a tortuous jolt to the concerned retirees.



7 thoughts on “Pension in SBI–yet another jump in postponement!”

  1. Respected Sir,
    So far as I think that no body know the poor condition of the pensioners. The case is pending in the court for a long time . Every body knows that the pensioners and his family lead their life in a bad condition . Although they can not help themselves but they believe that you can get a suitable way to salve it. And I also Sir,


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