Is it that Meera Bai’s was a case of depression?

Meera Bai belonged to a royal family, she was a princess. She was extra-ordinarily handsome, but almost always remained in a pensive mood right from her childhood days. Her beauty is described by Anne Besant, whom I read some decades back, as ‘exquisite’ and she also made a reference of King Akbar along with Tan Sen, his court singer of a legendary fame, calling on her in a disguised manner, highly enamoured as he felt of her beauty and fame as a devout singer. Her father, Raja Jai Singh, married her to PrinceDevotion Bhojraj, the son of Rana Sanga, the ruler of Chittor. She was not interested in her marriage as such, and she reminded her father about a small slip of paper she had already addressed to him much prior to her marriage, telling “….plunge me not into the miseries of marriage”, as Anne Besant has written. She became restless keeping herself aloof from all the royal  activities in the palace. She stopped taking food and for days together she was on fast. At a stage she even wanted to get rid of the wedlock, but her’s was a cry in the vacuum, as as per the then rules prevalent in the society, such an eventuality was considered to be something much more than a sin. She felt desolate and abandoned. Out of frustration, disgust, utter chagrin and agony, she became a case of a total absent mindedness, which in the current language can be termed as  ‘depression’. Quite likely it is that, as the last resort, she might have taken the decision of relinquishing all the worldly things adopting bhaktimarg (devotional pursuit) to seek some solace and peace. Defying all restrictions imposed on her by her royal in-laws, she left the palace to move from place to place in the country, mixing up with sadhus and mahatmas, which list prominently included Goswami Tulsidas. Undoubtedly, she became a great sanyasin and was a great devotee of Lord Krishna with whom, as she declared herself, she was in love and had a bond of marriage, the very possibility that all this was an offshoot of the chronic despair, depression and hyper tension, which she suffered from, can’t be ruled out.

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8 thoughts on “Is it that Meera Bai’s was a case of depression?

  1. Very good historical research as well as good analysis of the mental state of Meera bai


  2. Very good historical research and analysis of the mental state of Meera bai .


  3. On extreme of devotion for devine power I understand that such conduct is not unnatural.In support of it I can quote few personalities as Swami Ram Krishna Paramhans, Swamiram,Paul Brinton and Vivekanand too.




  5. Nice coverage.


  6. nice article to bring into light beautiful devotional love story between GOD and human deing….


  7. I suppose there is a good cause for the diagnosis, of depression? On the face of it certainly. I am not qualified, to judge.

    One supposes that it must have been a complete frustration for her own dilemma? One in which women, even and perhaps especially women of station; were expected to be seen and not heard. Just like so many other women, globally.

    While we can understand her devotion. The mixing of both secular and spiritual, is often a practical method of resolution. In the end, it appears she reached her goal? A goal that likely and hopefully, gave her the bliss she was seeking while on earth?

    Thank you, neelkanth.


    1. *I do accept your keen observations. My sincere thanks for the comment.*


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