A machine falling in love

Invited by a friend of mine to share a cup of coffee with his family, I had a chance to glance over a small film over his TV, which was half way through by the time I reached him. I don’t know the details of the film, nor even the name of it, except that the lead role was played by a machine, the robot. I would like to use ‘robot’, as if it was the name of an individual man, for the sake of describing the story. He is strong with a tough body built up. He fights with his enemies with an extra-ordinary valour and strength. In the process of fighting, he gets very often injured and at one stage one of his knees gets terribly broken. He is able to mend it by repairing the knee  using necessary nuts and bolts for the purpose. In course of running here and there seeking some shelter against the enemies who were constantly chasing him, he comes across a good looking girl, and such a situation recurs number of times without, of course, any talk between them. He was deeply in love with her, as the Robot felt. He also realised that the girl too was equally attracted to him as he could guess through her gestures and miens. Both of them had never any chance to interact, Every thing was just speechless. Robot, tired as he was with a perpetual sort of fighting, thought of settling somewhere and lead a normal life. In the meantime, his enemies chased him again to finish him once for all. He ran away without offering any resistance, as he was now no more interested in any fight. He was doubly chased, and a bomb was hurled against him. While burning in flames, he was struggling to get out of them for a moment to have a last look of the girl he loved so much, though speechlessly. He stopped struggling surrendering to the flames when he saw the girl standing at some distance. She belonged to the chasers.

Love is certainly divine having capacity to melt even steel, but it is not the cup of tea for every body. Only lucky ones are able to share it.

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6 thoughts on “A machine falling in love

  1. Not exactly same story , but love with girl by a Robot (machine) ,was also shown in bollywood movie named as “Robot” starring ashwary rai and Rajni kant. However the end of your story is very touching. Especially the last line “Love is certainly divine having capacity to melt even steel”.


  2. How strange it looks that even a machine falls in love with some one.




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    1. My sincere thanks for your comments.


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