Zaib-un-nissa’s love story:

She was the daughter of Aurangzeb (Abul Muzaffar Muhiu ‘d-Din Muhammad Aurangzeb), the Moghal king who ruled India for a long period of 49 years from 1657 to 1707. When she was in Lahore (now in Pakistan), she fell in love with a young man, who was then occupying a top position in the overall administration of Aurangzeb. When Aurangzeb got a hint of such an affair, he ordered that she be brought back to Delhi, where she was provided a separate palace to live at a location presently known as Tees Hazaree. The man concerned too was deeply in love with Zaib-un-nissa, fully committed with a keen love for her. He left Lahore for Delhi to follow his love, and there he joined the palace staff of Zaib-un-nissa as a gardener in a disguised manner. This way, he was able to meet his love frequently on some pretext or the other.

When Aurangzeb came to know about it through his spies, he waited for an opportunity to brutally kill the man. One day, when Zaib was in her room with the man, Aurangzeb barged into the palace. Sensing this, Zaib asked the man to hide himself inside an empty big sized bronze pitcher lying nearby meant for keeping hot water to be used by Zaib for the purpose of a bath. By this time, Aurangzeb was there. He expressed his desire to himself take a bath there itself pretending as if he didn’t know that it was empty. Accordingly, the pitcher was placed on the heap of burning logs to ostensively heat the water up, and this heating process continued till such time the man got fully roasted and burnt to a tortuously torturous death. Aurangzeb had a hearty laugh on the success of his plan. Zeb was stunned, and looking like a stone, she fainted.


8 thoughts on “Zaib-un-nissa’s love story:”

  1. The way you bring out core thread of story, this time the element of pathos, changes the mood of reader; it made me sad this time. Most of us might had an experience of being in pitcher for one’s Zaib at some point of time in life.


  2. Very painful story of Zaib-un-Nissa,although Iam not unaware with this Episode of History but again on perusal of this Blog Ifind it new one.Aurangzeb was a very cruel Ruler of Mughal dynasty and he did it with his daughter also.Zaib,his daughter, passed her remaining life in the same circumstances.There was no reasion to do this except satisfaction of igo of a ruler of Bharat.Some Historians gave their opinion that foundation of demolishion of Mughal dynasty was laid by Aurangzeb him self.


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