Pension in SBI–Supreme court defers the case again!

There was every expectation that the pension issue of retirees from State Bank of India would be finally given a verdict from the Supreme Court of India on 8th August, as it was the date exclusively fixed by the Hon’ble Court as a ‘final’ one for the purpose, but necessary hearing in the matter is again deferred to the next month September. Specific date is yet to be announced. There is every apprehension that the case may not come up for final hearing even during the next month, as one of the judges forming the relative bench has been assigned some other task, which may take much longer a time by when he is spared back for the pension issue. There is another alternative that he be replaced by another judge to join the concerned bench, but any possibility like this is just remote. The case is already so unduly delayed and the patience of the concerned people is obviously just over brimming.


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