Quote:”Smiling they li…

“Smiling they live and call life pleasure

To me, that cup has been dealt in another measure”

P.B. Shelley

This one is the shortest possible post I have ever written. This actually happened in course of my trial to see as to how it looks when quotes are exclusively placed on the page without linking them up with any text as a prefix or suffix. These are the lines which I repeat to myself quite often when I am undergoing some tense moments.

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5 thoughts on “Quote:”Smiling they li…



  2. It is nicely quoted.


  3. Quite appealing.


    1. shyammohanmisra August 10, 2012 — 4:43 am

      A little explanation from you will help me to undrstand the quote better.


      1. My sincere thanks. Writing a ‘little’ on Shelley’s quote means writing so much, but briefly it was like this. Shelley was sitting by the side of a sea beach, where several couples were enjoying and playing. Suffer as he did from the twitching pangs of seclusion for the reason that he was not doing well with his love mate, he felt gloomy and was pensive. The thought that struck him keenly was that as to why he could himself not enjoy the way others were doing. He instantly wrote a poem containing the lines in my post. The poem, if you go through it in full, is a master piece. Mine was just a casual reference to this in the context as I have already written in the post.


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