Amrapali, the most beautiful woman of her time: Part II

Readers to please refer the predecessor post marked as ‘Amrapali, the most beautiful woman of her time’: Part I.

As requisitioned by Amrapali’s father, Mahanam, the local panchayat held its session to decide the matter. Initially, all the  members of the panchayat unanimously gave their affirmative nod to the proposal that Amrapali should be married as she had since attained necessary marriageable age, and that a suitable match for the purpose be found out. Just a little later immediately, there was a second thought to the proposal. The same Dewal, who had earlier proposed ‘Amrapali’ as her name for the reason that she was found in a mango grove, came out with a stunning suggestion that Amrapali be married not to a single man but to a group of individuals. His argument was that since she was born and found in the mango grove of the locality, which belonged to the local people, it was a fit case for her marriage with all of them. Astonishingly, the proposal so fabricated was unanimously okayed by one and all, except only Mahanam, her father, who fell unconscious the  moment the decision so taken was pronounced. Amrapali remained unmoved. She rather consoled her father telling him that irony of fate had to be honoured. She was bold enough to take it to herself to announce from the platform that the decision of the panchayat was acceptable to her with the condition that she would meet only the men of her choice. She was allotted a palace like accommodation at the out skirts of Vaishali. That day onwards, a noble soul like hers had to flutter its wings in vain in the hands of destiny. She was no more a woman who cherished her dreams of adoring a man as her love in her life, she was instead the one to submit herself physically to any one who had an access to her. In other words, she was forced by the local  panchayat to act virtually as a prostitute. This was her fate.

Raja Bimbsar, the king of Magadh, invaded Vaishali causing a large scale devastation in the locality. He barged into the palace of Amrapali. She resisted, more for the reason that he was an invader and caused harm to the people of Vaishali, but barbarically he had a forced sex with her. Later, this mishap gave her the birth of a son.

Attaining enlightenment, Gautam Buddha was now the Lord Budhha, and on his return, he visited Amrapali again, (Ref: See the link below), which in itself was a matter of controversy. Amrapali showed him the rottenly dry mango given to her by him when he had started his journey seeking moksha (salvation). He told her that every person has a life like this  mango –every mango in the beginning is sweet and fragrant but, when it grows stale, it dries up and is finished, and so are the human beings, who blossom to adolescence, grow older with wrinkles on their faces and ultimately they meet their end. Amrapali joined Lord Buddha as a bhikshu (a devotee who survives on alms) becoming a Buddhisth. This was her last stoppage. (Concluded)


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4 thoughts on “Amrapali, the most beautiful woman of her time: Part II



  2. Concluded in a nice way maintaining the grace of the story.


    1. On perusal of both part of Amrpali I find that it is gist of whole Novel – “Vaishali ki
      Nagar Badhu” by Acharya Chatursen – very nice


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