Answering questions and queries:

Very often I receive emails from different persons, mainly including my readers, seeking an answer to their questions and queries. Such questions are mostly related to subjects like history and banking, besides general topics such as culture, society, art of living, career, politics, health, and metaphysics. Replies to the points so raised have till now been given to them by me individually or through a letter, which is an arduous task in itself. I am too hard pressed for time and individualising the job is highly cumbersome. As an alternative, I thought, this can better be done via blog posts, as they can not only reach the very individual concerned, but also those who didn’t raise the question themselves but are otherwise interested to know about the subject. This way, it not only reduces my task burden, but makes the system more methodical and compatible to the problems. I am requesting my esteemed readers, through this post, to direct their questions to me via any medium they find convenient to them, like email, post or fax, and watch the reply in my subsequent blog posts. My thanks to them in advance. My current email address is given below for a ready reference to the readers.

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3 thoughts on “Answering questions and queries:

  1. This will help the readers.




  3. shyammohanmisra July 26, 2012 — 4:00 pm

    Good idea Sir


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