Every thing ends at money and wealth:

Only the other day I wrote on romance icon, Rajesh Khanna, relative link of which is appended for a ready perusal. Just so little a time has passed since his death and there are disputes being raised to establish a claim on his wealth, particularly in relation to his palace like house ‘Aashirvad’. One Anita Advani, claiming to be the niece of a VVIP abroad, has lodged a petition to claim the house and also necessary maintenance on monthly basis on the ground that she was not only in love with Rajesh Khanna, she was his love mate too looking after him for the last 10 years before he died. The affair was well known to the family of Rajesh Khanna -Rajesh Khanna’s wife and his actor son-in-law Akshay Kumar, in particular, claims Anita Advani, who is in her 50s. She is fighting out his case through a noted local advocate, Mridula Kadam. It is strange as to why it didn’t strike Rajesh Khanna’s mind to indicate the fact in some will of his during his life time. Rajesh Khanna might have played several roles in his films covering many a typical type of family disputes but possibly not of the nature like this where he is himself involved. Now his is a haunted soul. No kind of love or relationship, howsoever strong the ties are, is capable of sustaining where money and wealth are involved.

Link: https://uppermost.me/2012/07/20/remembering-romance-icon-rajesh-khanna/ 

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3 thoughts on “Every thing ends at money and wealth:

  1. very well said.


  2. Correctly said.


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