What a cynicism?

Difficult it is to say whether it was a slip or something of the sort of cynicism on his part when Mulayam Singh, several times holding the post of Chief Minister in Uttar Pradesh and ex cabinet minister in the Central Government, did cast his vote in favour of P.A. Sangma instead of Pranab Mukherjee, otherwise his choice candidate for the post of President of India, during the election for most covetous a position on the last 19th July. Declaring his all out support to UPA sponsored candidate Pranab Mukherjee, he gave his vote to NDA supported candidate P.A. Sangma, and by the time he realised his mistake, it was too late as the Election Commission out rightly rejected his request to cast his vote incredulously for the second time.  Slips against one’s own solemn  commitments are medically indicative of some mental disorder, though remotely, and it is time for him to go for a medical check up for which he has immense facilities as a biggie in politics

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3 thoughts on “What a cynicism?

  1. It is a good satire on politics.


  2. shyammohanmisra July 21, 2012 — 11:09 am

    Good advice to MSY.


  3. Mulayam Singh Yadava is like that.


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